Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I am not a fan of the 69 position. My general theory of it is that even when you win, you lose. If I'm performing oral as well as I should be, then he shouldn't be able to perform it on me, and vice versa. I find it insulting if he has the presence of mind to lick my clit well, and if I'm giving head well, that means I'm getting eaten out half assed. And I hate lazy oral.

Plus, the angle is all wrong. Most guys can't give good head in even the most advantageous of positions, nevermind attempting to do it backwards and/or upside down. Ugh, and I hate climbing on top and straddling a guy's face. I feel so conspicuous and awkward! And then there's torso length to take into account. So, 69 is a headache I can do without...

Yeah, so the other day I had a mindblowing orgasm during 69.

M has said I am "allowed to be selfish" during our sex. To which I reply, "Uh, I don't know how to do that." And I don't, not if I actually enjoy the person I'm fucking. I can take what I want from someone I'm not interested in, but if I care for someone, I'm giving it all every time. In addition to that, it's a point of pride for me. Needless to say, I hadn't really taken him up on his generous offer.

Fast forward to our last visit, and I'm on my back, head hanging off of the side of the bed, sucking his delicious cock. My right hand is alternating between cupping and stroking his balls; running my finger along the divide between the two. I gently tug and caress while my left hand grips his ass urging him deeper down my throat. I feel his hand slide down my stomach to my cunt. He wets his fingers with my juices and rolls my clit under his fingertips, making me moan around his cock.

I'm trying to breathe without letting up on the slippery blowjob I'm giving him (there's that pride), and I'm doing pretty well until he pulls me up by my ass cheeks and folds me in half. My knees are up by my underarms and his arm are hooked over my inner thighs, and with his hips still pressing down into my face, I was completely pinned down. I couldn't even wriggle.

Dear readers, I tried. At first I was able to maintain my rhythm, slurping away, groaning with each breathe. But I had to give it up, I just couldn't do it. It felt too good. He opened my cunt with his index fingers again, stretching me slightly without giving me the satisfaction of thrusting penetration. That burning, electricity shot through me.

My legs twitched and I didn't care. I was in a ridiculous position, and I didn't care. I couldn't perform a blowjob satisfactorily, and I didn't care. I was making the most outrageous sounds, and I didn't care. I came selfishly, and I didn't care.

I've never experienced apathy with so much feeling.

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littlegirl said...

i agree with you. i'm not a huge fan of 69. i hate being on top of a guy's face, upside down like that with my butt above his head. and i can't reach his cock, usually. grrr.