Thursday, December 10, 2009

Talking Head

Let's talk blowjobs. Some chicks do it, some chicks don't. I confess I can't really wrap my brain around the concept of not giving head, but I hear there are girls in this world who absolutely refuse to do it. I also hear that those same girls really, really enjoy getting eaten out. They aren't GGG. These girls don't concern us here, I only make mention of it because they're missing out on all the fun.

I've been giving head now for about 16 years, give or take. That's alot of cock. Now, not every guy I've had sex with I've given head to. Not because I ever had a general aversion to it, but there have been times where I didn't think the guy was "worth it". I would never have a relationship with someone I didn't want to go down on. A few of the guys I've been with weren't even interested in getting head, but the relationship norm has been to have a mouth full of cock pretty regularly.

In my younger, less experienced, years I would read alot about "How to give an amazing blowjob" or "How to drive him crazy with your mouth" and blah blah blah. These articles are rarely helpful, but at the time I didn't know any better and read everything I could get my hands on. Being of a bookish nature I didn't read much Cosmo (I was more of a Sassy girl and later Jane), most of my information came from books I'd take out of the library or read in bookstores. I won't list them all, I'm sure you can imagine which ones.

So, I spent a long time "swirling", "butterfly lick"-ing, "flicking", "twisting" and a whole bunch of other ridiculously named moves. Worthless, really, all of them. All that tongue gymnastics is so not necessary, but it was a while before I realized that. All you need to know is flatten your tongue, take as much as you can comfortably, use your teeth judiciously (if at all), and suck, suck, suck. O! And breathe when you can, thru your nose and usually on the pull out.

My high school boyfriend, Tony, got a ton of head from me. We went thru a very long heavy petting phase before I was able to convince him to have sex with me. And, yes, you read that correctly, I had to talk him into it. I practiced on him constantly, my mouth was practically super glued to his dick. And I swallowed from the start, it seemed less messy to me than letting it shoot everywhere and then having to clean it up. As a consequence of this it was a long time before I saw a guy actually cum in person.

Swallowing or not seems to be a pretty big issue for people, but it never gave me too much trouble. If I was willing to give a guy head, but unwilling to swallow, I'd just give him head but not until he came. Problem solved. Once you learn the physical signs of a man's impending orgasm (thickening and lengthening) then you can keep him from getting too far along, and just switch to fucking.

For a while I considered using my hand/s, beyond ball cupping, would be "cheating". I felt I should be able to to get him off with solely my mouth. I've since changed my mind. I came to the conclusion that since I enjoy being simultaneously entered and licked, then I shouldn't have any qualms about doing the same for my lover. I've even recently added letting a thick stream of spit drop on M's cock as I stroke between active sucking. Having never been one for handjobs, I'd not done it before.

And now we come to deepthroating. This should only be attempted if you know your gag reflex well, or if the guy isn't particularly large. The ability to deepthroat is not necessary, in my opinion, to performing good head. However, should you be able to accomplish it, your guy is gonna be AMAZED. The easiest way to perform deepthroating is with your head over the edge of something (like the mattress), face up, and have a pillow to support your neck. This position allows your mouth and throat to become one long continuous tunnel. Deepthroat can be performed in other positions (you kneeling over him, you on your knees while he stands, etc.), but unless you're practiced at it it can be difficult to get the head of his cock past the back of your mouth and into your throat.

M enjoys my blowjobs. Actually, he loves them. He's not the first guy to tell me this, but he may be the most frequently, and most exuberantly, complimentary. He says I've ruined him for all other blowjobs, that they're the most amazing he's ever experienced. Now, I know, they're blowjobs, of course he's gonna like them, duh. And I've said as much to him on many occasions; stating that bj's are like pizza, and even when pizza is bad, it's still pretty good. He responded recently that it's like comparing Domino's to that one little old guy in NYC who makes his dough from scratch everyday whose pizza you have to order first thing in the morning in order to get one before the dough runs out. Apparently, I give artisan oral.

The only drawback, if one can call it that, is how friggn' turned on giving head makes me. I mean I get soaked from giving M head. He would literally need to do nothing else but let me suck his cock for me to be super charged ready to fuck. Especially when he grabs my head and pounds my face relentlessly. My goodness that just turns me to goo. Poor thing, it means he doesn't often get to have a blowjob finished off in my mouth.

O, he doesn't complain, and he knows I am more than willing to have him do it. But he also knows how incredibly aroused I get, and he's a considerate enough lover to not leave me in torment for however long his refractory period would be. Isn't he a sweetheart?

I think that maybe he deserves a reward for all that, don't you? ;)


littlegirl said...

yet another of our seemingly endless similarities. i love giving oral, get wet from doing so, and spent a long time trying to learn all the "secrets."

i must admit, mark recently told me he didn't like it when i pushed him in the back of my throat. i thought that was like, something all men love, but mark assured me that he prefers that i stay on the head, with my hands on the shaft. shocked me, but it's his dick...

Laani said...

O lg, hahahahaha, it is indeed his dick, and he likes what he likes, right?
I admit guys like attention paid to the head of thier cock. They're all different, and I hope I didn't give the impression all guys are the same.
And now that I think about it, I forgot to mention the whole look-at-them-while-your-mouth-is-stuffed-thing they seem to like.
I guess I wasn't as definitive as I'd hoped. Le sigh.

persephone said...

omg laani, you are SO on a roll.

before i say anything about the blowjobs... i just want to tell you that i read sassy magazine too and i STILL think about some of those articles even today. geez, why did that magazine ever get canned?

as for blowjobs... i used to struggle with them, i think in part because my last boyfriend just wanted me to go down on him FOREVER. my whole body would get sore from the effort of it (20-30 minutes sometimes... doesn't that seem long?). but luke is different, he is more like M in that he wants to get to the main event. and therefore i've gotten much more satisfied from giving head since he came along. unlike lg's mark, he doesn't like a lot of attention on the head and he *quite* enjoys the deep throating.

oh, the eye-looking. yeah. hey, whatever. :)

that line about artisan oral, btw, is awesome.

Sweet Tooth said...

I'm half way through catching up. I was going to save the rest for later, but I fear I cannot leave my desk for a little while. I don't want to offend anyone with my obnoxious tent down there.