Saturday, February 2, 2008

Stray Cats

i was out smoking a cigarette in the backyard when a little orange kitty came up to me. He was very licky and purr-y. He crawled right into my lap, and started kneading my legs. He was so cute. When my cigarette was done, i ran into the house and called out to Daddy. i told Daddy that there was a sweet stray kitty outside, and Daddy came out to look.

The orange kitty climbed all over Daddy and licked and licked and licked. It made Daddy laugh, and i kept encouraging Daddy to keep him. But Daddy said He already has 2 kitties and can't have a third. But He said i could feed the kitty, and then i was allowed to bring him in and put him into the little girl room.

Daddy found a "good home" for him, but i'm sad i will never see the little orange cat again. >sniff,sniff<

Daddy is such a softy for strays. All of the kitties He has were "found" kitties. His newest kitty is named Sashimi and is nearly all black, and extremely affectionate. He's a naughty kitty, young, and very energrtic, but it amuses Daddy.

Daddy really has 3 kitties, because i'm His kitty ,too. Daddy lets me make a little nest of pillows under his desk when He works, and i either do computer work for Him under there, curled up at His feet. Or, sometimes, i'll just take a little catnap. It's dark under Daddy's desk, and surrounded by all that heavy wood, and Daddy's feet and legs for me to wrap around makes me feel very secure. Daddy reaches down to pet me while He works, stroking my back or my head absentmindedly.

All of Daddy's kitties are kinky. Stella, His first kitty, likes to be spanked. She's a total painslut. Sashimi loves to play with rope, and he'll watch U/us when W/we play. Loud paddle smacks don't disturb him, and he finds the spanking bench comfortable. And then there's me, and all my kinky needs.

Daddy seems to be very content with all His kitties. His kitties make Him smile, and keep Him company. He keeps them collared and cared for. Always making sure they're healthy and happy.

He's a very good owner, and we're very lucky kittes.