Sunday, January 3, 2010

Turning the Tables

So, M and I did a little experiment. Instead of M being the "bull", he participated as the cuckold.

There's a guy I met recently, and he was (is?) very attracted to me. Chris called me to visit the night M came back from his holiday trip to see his Mom. I had time to kill before M's plane landed so I said "Sure." M got in early, so when he called I asked him if he wanted to do something "kinky", and asked if he's be interested in being cuckolded. Chris was willing o participate to, so all were agreed.

But, inevitably, Chris wasn't up to the job. I have a really bad track record with trying to cuckold the guy I'm in a relationship with. It didn't work with "Daddy", and it didn't work this time with M. Chris was able to do a bit for a while; I successfully gave him head, but he was unable to complete the deed. He couldn't fuck me.

In my opinion It's just as well. When I go to M's place that night, after several texts telling me to "Hurry up. I want you," that made me giggle with anticipation, I was fucked properly. No issues with my M achieving a "tire iron" erection. And it felt so good to feel him again. There was even a little reprise in the morning before he had to go to work.

M hasn't had that much to say about the experience, other than he enjoyed being able to watch me, and that he got aroused watching me blow Chris. He feels I wasn't fucked "properly" and wouldn't be able to judge his reaction accurately without me getting a good hard fuck. In my experience I doubt that's going to happen.

I'm not particularly interested in revisiting the scenario, not with M as the "cuck" anyway. It's not our dynamic. It seems unnatural somehow, tho M and I do "switch", for me to cuckold M. I'm not that interested in other men, and I'd only do it again if it would urn M on, which I'm not entirely sure it would. I mean, M was turned on, but all things considered, it appears to me to be more hassle than it's worth, it doesn't increase M's desire for me in a significant way that I can discern.

I wish I felt like I knew what I was doing. What I want to do is constantly experiment with M all the kinky things that could turn us on. I don't think anything we've done has been detrimental to our sex life, and I'm loathe to misstep and cause some sort of rift. I have no clue what would be "too far." It's my nature to self reflect, and there's this blog, so I will analyze the ramifications of the games we play. Sometimes I can't help feeling like I'm dragging M along for the ride, and he's only interested in the novelty of it, and doesn't find these games as much of a possible turn on as I could.