Monday, April 28, 2008

Pet Toys

i slide the back of my fingers under her breasts as i tug the rope behind her. her breasts are larger than mine, and i like the feel of thier weight when i cup them. i tie of the chest harness between her shoulder blades with a small square knot. i don't want her to be too uncomfortable when i have her on her back, i'm not sure how long she can endure being bound. i'm tying off her wrists seperately from the harness, i want to be able to move her around without having to undo too much of my ropework.

i don't have to worry about her hair getting in the way when i place the blindfold on her, she wears it short. i whisper in her ear with a chuckle, "There little toy, that should make you more comfortable. At least you won't have to bear witness to all the activities of this evening."

i lay her down on the bed, and wrap her wrists up simply and quickly, atttaching them high above her head to the rungs at the head of the bed. i admit i tug them a little higher than is completely comfortable for her, but for the moment she's mine, and i sometimes play rough with my toys... i run my nails down her arms, across her nipples, over her hips to her ankles. i notice that she's kept her legs spread. Whether she's done that conciously or subconciously doesn't matter to me, it's an encouraging sign nonetheless. i grip her ankles, each in turn, and wind more rope around them, leaving a good amount to adjust her positioning.

i pick up the 2 lengths of rope a little more than halfway towards the ends and slide off of the bed. i'm holding the rope with both hands when i loop it around the the top most rung above her head. i pull the rope thru and her feet rise up, up, up. i'm not sure exactly where i want her feet, so i play with the rope a bit. i lower them, then lift them up higher, then a bit lower. i can see this is making her nervous, and i enjoy that.

When i've decided that i want her feet hovering above her ears is when i finally look over at Him. He's sitting in a chair quietly observing the scene going on in front of Him. Slyly i shift my eyes in His direction, and tug her feet roughly into position, then knot the rope. He's smirking at me. He's never seen me be Dominant before. i'm in full Dominatrix mode, so i'm confident and aggressive. He doesn't usually see me like that, either.

i have her ass in the air, and her legs suspended above her, slightly apart. i know she feels vulnerable and revealed, i know because that's how i feel when i'm bound this way. Better give her some assurance, " O little toy, you look so yummy. Let's play a little, we're going to have so much fun..."

i climb back onto the bed, kneeling upright, knees under her ass. i press my breasts against her cheeks and lean in " you're in a very compromising position, toy. How does it feel?" she giggles hesitantly and breathes, "i'm nervous, i don't know what's going to happen..."

"Well, toy, it's not for you to know , is it? toys don't make the rules, toys do what they're made to do. For instance i can tickle you," i say, running my fingers across the soles of her bare feet making her squirm. "Or i can scratch you," again sliding my nails down her calves and the backs of her thighs, only this time harder. "Or i can pinch you," taking the flesh of her left cheek between my fingers and pinching, very hard. This makes her yelp quite satisfactorily. "Or i can be very, very nice, and caress you," and i cup my palm over her poochy pink pussy, settling her and making her smile a bit.

"But first you're getting a spanking," i say curtly, reaching for the paddle. It's the double sided one, with the rabbit fur on one side and lovely, smacky leather on the other. i keep it in my left hand, and warm her up a bit with my right. i spank her evenly, she's not used to these games, i don't know how much she can take. i build up slowly, and at first she doesn't move around that much, but it's not long before she squirming futilely trying to evade the blows. Really, they weren't all that hard....>smirk< "i'm being kind and taking it easy on you, and you must be a good toy, and play my little games. Be compliant and submissive, please me, and i'll take very good care of you," all the while slipping the fur over her thighs and hot, pink bum.

"Okay, toy, now for a bit rougher game..." and i give her a good whack on her right cheek. Not too hard, but she wasn't expecting it. i know it stings, i know it hurt. i know...and i continue with the paddling. i increase the speed, then slow down, and build back up again. Every so often i switch to the fur side again, and coo to my little toy what a lovely shade of red her ass is becoming. i paddle her harder, then softer, changing position so she doesn't know where the blow will land, how hard, how frequently, or if it will be the slap of leather or the fluffy thud of fur.

i place a hand on her burning behind and rub her gently. i'm curious to see what effect this has had on her pussy and with my left hand i trace a trail with up to the crease between her legs. i press down with 2 fingers and spread her open, and am gratified to see slick inner lips. i smile to myself and look over at Him and wink. His smile broadens.

"O little toy, i'm so pleased to see you enjoying my games. your bum is nice and red, but i don't believe you will be marked, tho you may feel it tomorrow. Isn't that wonderful? you'll have a reminder of our fun together!" and she lets out a soft little moan.

she's hairless between her legs, and has one of those clits that likes to hide, but i'm very good at seeking. While keeping her lips open with my left hand, i bring my right up and run my thumb up the inner fold of her cunt. she's bright pink inside and i detect a bit of a quiver when i catch her little bud with the side of my thumb, "There you are, time for a little attention for my toy."

i rub her clit slowly in one direction, up the underside. she gives another little moan, but otherwise all i can hear is her breathing. i press up and roll her clit like a marble, increasing the pressure a bit more when i slide over the tip. That's when i see her toes curl. "little toy, do you like the more direct type of play? you want it right here, toy?" and i make infinitesimal circles around the now poking bud, barley touching it, using her own juices to lubricate my motions. i see my toy's thighs tighten. When she begins to twist i give her a hard smack, "Be good!", and she freezes into position again.

i continue to tease her clit, pulling the hood back to expose even more of her for me to play with. my toy's breathing is becoming deeper and more rapid. i do not want her to cum yet, that isn't my plan. i reach up and untie her legs, lowering them slowly to the bed. "Roll over, toy." i rub her hips and legs for a moment, easing any tensions that might have accumulated. i don't want my toy to collapse before i'm ready for her to.

"Up on your knees, my little toy. New game, new position." i reach up and loosen the rope attaching her arms to the bed to give her more slack in her wrists, and press on her back to get her chest onto the bed, "Here, toy, you can hug the pillow to keep your face up. No unregulated breathe play," i chuckle, "And keep your ass up in the air. Don't make me regret untying your legs, stay in position. Good toy, good little toy," and i give her a playful swat on her bum.

i shuffle around to behind her again, this time i can't see her face. my little toy wiggles her ass when i bring my hands back up to her slit. i give her a few smacks on the inside of her thighs, "Open up, toy. i'm not done with your cunt yet." she obeys me, spreading her legs a bit further, thrusting her pussy out towards me. "Very good, toy. Very nice," and i cup her ass and give it a bit of a squeeze to show her i'm pleased.

By this time my little toy is quite drippy. The inside of her thighs are smeared with her juices and there's a thread of slime strung from her lip to the crease of her groin. Delightful. i slip my index finger between her lips and reach down for her clit. i take it between my thumb and the second knuckle of my index finger and pinch, gently and wetly. The jump this produces is terribly satisfying, and i give her another snap. my little toy jumps again. i snap without increasing the pressure, this isn't for pain, i want my toy to be lost in pleasure. i can feel my own cunt becoming slick, and my own clit twitches with each pinch and jump.

The toy moans, and i hear Him shifting in His chair. i look over at Him again and this time i smile broadly. He smiles back at me. He is very, very happy. This spurns me on, and i stop snapping her clit and cup my left hand around the underside of her cunt; with my thumb again on her clit while pressing above her mons with my fingers. i enter her soaking wet pussy with the first 2 fingers of my right hand, i can feel her opening up to me. she feels like a wet, hot, velvety balloon slowly expanding to accommodate my fingers, and i deeply sink into her.

i press down with my fingertips and increase the pressure on the outside of her body with my left hand. i start slow and work the inside of her carefully, paying particular attention to when she squeezes down on my intruding fingers. i increase the pressure and speed. i build her up, and my hand is soaked. my toy begins to grunt, and then begins screaming. i continue to work her cunt when i get the urge to nibble her ass. i bring my teeth down on her tender flesh. i don't break skin, but my toy can feel the edge of my teeth scraping her skin.

"Little toy, do you like that? Little slutty toy loves to have her cunt played with," i murmur into her ass. " Precious little toys want soooo much attention. "Aren't you an eager little wet slit. Pussy clamping down on my fingers," all the while a bound wiggling mess of slutty submissive is cumming on my hand.

"O toy, you think you're done? O no, toy, not at all. i know you want more, little toy, don't you? Say you need a cock, little toy."

"i need a cock, please," my toy says, barely audible and completely out of breathe.

"Toy..." i say looking over at Him, "Now it's His turn."

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Viva Las Vegas

Daddy booked my flight yesterday for Las Vegas. Wheeeeee!

Daddy will be going out to Vegas for a little over a week, and i'll be visiting Him for the weekend, and then flying back home with Him. Hopefully, W/we will be sitting together on the flight back, but i don't know that yet.

Daddy asked me if i was excited about going...Ummmmmm, yeah! i'm excited because i'll be with Daddy; because i've never been that far west before; because it's terribly decadent to fly so far for a weekend; because it's Vegas, baby! :) Not that i gamble or have any desire to see cheesey Vegas shows, but there is a restaurant that i really want to go to, and if W/we go out to the clubs, that might be fun.

W/we won't be alone on this trip. It's a working trip for Daddy, and He'll have 2 friends with Him, and a lady companion of one of them, sharing a condo. i've never met these friends of Daddy's, i've actually only met one other friend of Daddy's, and that friend only last week. i'm very interested in what Daddy's friends will think of me...

Daddy says i have to be a "big girl" on this trip. i can't wear any of my "little girl" clothes, except for in O/our room. i asked Daddy if i was still able to call Him "Daddy", and He said i was. i'm thankful for that, cause i don't think i could call Him by His first name the entire trip without slipping. i haven't received any specific instructions for how i'm supposed to "act", but i think i'll be good as long as i try to contain the natural regression that comes over me when i'm with Him. i think it will be ok for me to be "little-er" than my chronological age, but not as "little" as i usually go.

i am nervous about embarrassing Daddy. He said that His one friend will probably ask me alot of questions, i assume about what Daddy and i do together. i'm curious to see how daring his inquiries will i'm kinda concerned about the other girl who will be there. i know nothing about her, except that she's bi. It will be interesting to see how she reacts to me and Daddy.

i think this trip will be an interesting social experiment.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Girls On Film

About an hour after writing my previous entry, my girlfriend Astrid called me and said she had received some pictures from the shoot and was emailing them to me. We sat on the phone and looked through them together.

We couldn't control our excitement! We were so giddy and happy, i was literally jumping up and down! Lol i told Astrid i had blogged about our shoot, and i asked her if it was ok for me to post some of the pix on my blog, and she said it was fine with her (she's been known to read this blog every so often).

So, without further ado...:)

This one is from the very beginning of the shoot. Getting ready together was lots of fun, we used to put our makeup on and do our hair together all the time at the dungeon. It brought back alot of memories for me. :)

Astrid has the coolest shoes! i'm wearing the second collar Daddy gave me, a more utilitarian one, black leather with a steel O-ring. Kevin, the photographer, had put the lace around my eyes, Astrid loved the way ot looked, but i didn't see it until i got the pix. i love it!

Just general hotness...teeheehee. Astrid has great legs! i was telling her to shove her fingers further into my mouth. Ha!

This might be my favorite...We both look soooo good, and i love the look on Astrid's face. It seems very retro to me. Like the old bondage films from the 50's.

Okay, maybe this one is my favorite. Another great look from Astrid, really interesting composition, me on my back at Astrid's feet...see what i mean about Astrid's legs?! :)

Dominatrix in complete control...Teeheehee..."i am laani's disembodied head" (Fight Club, anyone?) ;)

This is one of the pics taken during Astrid's spanking me. She alternated between spanking, scratching, and caressing, with some licks and bites thrown in. You can sorta see my butt has some coloring...or is it just shadow?

No, no, no, this is my favorite. i like how it's a bit difficult to really tell who is dominating who...

i like this one, tho i'm not really in it. Astrid looks a bit like Louise Brookes, which i'm totally into. And my arms look skinny...ha! Boy am i glad i waxed my arms before the shoot! :)

This is an example of Kevin twisting and placing me how he wanted me. i'm not sure how i feel about this one, i like it, yet there's something about it that i don't like. Can't put my finger on it, but overall i dig it.

The grand finale. i like this one alot. Kevin is a real pro, and i didn't feel uncomfortable with him down between my legs at all. He was really into me keeping my mouth open for alot of the shoot. He kept tugging my chin The color is great, and the angle is damn sexy. Twisted little bound girl. Is that terror or ecstasy on her face? Teeheehee.

Okay, there were a couple more, but i think that's enough egotism for one post. Feel free to offer any comments, criticisms, or outfit suggestions. Hopefully it won't be too long before Astrid and i shoot again.

Daddy is probably going to shoot with Astrid this week during my visit, but i don't know if i'll be involved with that shoot. Astrid would like me to be involved, as you can see we work really well together, so she's hoping Daddy will want me in the shoot. We'll see...i'm gonna bring stuff just in case.

Friday, April 11, 2008

He Hit Me, And It Felt Like A Kiss

My bottom has received quite a bit of attention this past week.

Over the weekend i hung out with my friend Ry, the sadist, and he's developed a real taste for spanking me. He doesn't give me a prolonged spanking, i guess it would be classified more as smacks. And he smacks hard! But, Ry doesn't leave marks. He uses his smacks as "punctuation", or because he feels like it. It's not his place to punish me, and he doesn't.

The next instance of bum abuse was with my very dear girlfriend, Ms. Astrid. She and i worked together at the dungeon, until she became an independent Dominatrix. Astrid and i used to do 2 girl sessions with each other. She and i resemble each other superficially, red hair and pale skin. The clients like when we play sisters or mother/daughter. Astrid wants to advertise us as an independent Mistress/submissive team. i would only submit to her in the sessions tho.

To promo our new endeavor, Astrid and i did a photo shoot with an excellent photographer near where we live. Astrid's boyfriend ( Ed. ex-boyfriend) is also a photographer, in the sex industry, and we have plans to shoot with him also. It's terribly validating to have people want to take your picture. :)

Anyway, during the shoot, which was terribly erotic, and not at all porny, i was tossed around like a rag doll! The photographer had no problem picking me up, or twisting me around, or having me hold uncomfortable positions in order to achieve an interesting shot. i'm surprised my hair survived it as well as it

And Astrid gave me quite the sound spanking. There were many photos taken of my stinging ass. i told Astrid that since i've been such a good girl lately, my pain tolerance has gone waaaaay down. And when she began spanking me, she realized it was true. Astrid has spanked and used implements on me many times before, and she was shocked at the dip in tolerance.

It was a fun shoot, i hope to be able to have some pix soon. i might post them, too. :)

i was a bit naughty this past visit with Daddy. i'm disappointed in myself, because i have been terribly good for a very long time. i admitted to Daddy that i've been drinking after work, and that i've probably been drinking too much. It leaked over into my visit, so i needed to be disciplined. Just when Daddy got a new implement, too!!! Stupid little girl!!!

New cane to break in...Daddy warmed me up, which was very kind of Him, but i got some pretty hard whacks when the punishment began. i had to count off 15 strokes, and say "Daddy, thank You for disciplining me," after each lick. When it was over Daddy kissed my forehead and said He didn't want me drinking anymore. He says it's bad for me, and He doesn't want me slipping into that habit any further.

i'm so happy He cares enough for me to set boundaries, and to discipline me when i need it. He knows i want to be good for Him, and that i hate disappointing Him. He also knows i beat myself up for infractions, and He's very comforting after punishments. What more could a little girl want?


Sunday, April 6, 2008

To Dream The Impossible Dream...

i have a friend, an old friend, that i've been fucking for years now. He was my first long term fuckship/friendship. We operated in this sort of nether-region of non-monogamous, reliable, passionate, intense sex. He wasn't a just a "booty call", and still isn't. It was more than sex. It would have to be, to have lasted for a little over 12 years. He even fucked me while he was living with his "fiance" of 4 years...I guess we're "friends with benefits".

Daddy knows i play with this friend of mine. Daddy encourages it, actually. Since He travels so much, leaving His little girl alone for long stretches of time, and since His little girl is such a highly sexed creature, i'm permitted to have sex with whoever i want. i think another part of it is Daddy likes to hear about it afterwards. ;)

Daddy and i have begun playing with other boys. Well, more accurately, i've been playing with other boys in Daddy's presence. Daddy watches. It was disappointing the first time; the boy was waaaay too young and completely intimidated by O/our games, tho he was informed of O/our dynamic beforehand. The second guy was a bit older and more experienced with BDSM, but was unable to muster the aggression W/we were looking for. Still, it's a game i enjoyed, and i look forward to refining O/our selection, and improving on the choice.

Which brings me to my "Impossible Dream". Like a Reese's peanut butter cup, i would love to put these 2 great tastes together. The idea of Daddy and Ry in me at the same time gives me chills. i fantasize about T/their 2 huge cocks taking me, using me, stuffing me at the same time. i would love to have Daddy hear how i can make Ry gasp and moan with pleasure. i want to have Daddy see, in person, how far i can take Ry's cock, to have Daddy see how wet i get with Ry, how Ry makes me cum so hard and for so long. i think Daddy would like to hear my moans and screams.

i imagined Ry would like it, too. He's so proud of his sexual prowess, and he rarely passes up an opportunity to fuck me. Ry and i have seriously electric sex. From the first time we ever banged to the most recent date we've had, we have always had phenomenal sex. Ry was the first guy to make me ejaculate, and the first guy i had anal with. i figured he would jump at the chance to do something kinky with me.

But it seems Ry has proprietary feelings over me. Ry still wants to be able to do things to my body that Daddy has forbidden, namely anal sex and fucking me without a condom. Ry is jealous of Daddy's rights, and it bothers him that i do what Daddy tells me. Ry thinks that i'm not the "ballsy girl I used to know". Which isn't true, particularly with him.

Ry doesn't understand why Daddy is so willing to allow others to have me. Ry said that if i was his, he'd horde me away, and not give other guys the chance to get near me. And that's a strange thing for him to say, considering when we were first together, he was a total man-slut. Ry and i have never been exclusive, in fact, except for the first months of us knowing each other, either one or both of us has been with other people, even while we continued to have sex.

Daddy allows me to play with Ry whenever i want, but He doesn't think that it's a good idea for him to play with U/us. Ry's jealousy seems to be the main reason. Daddy doesn't like that Ry's been trying to get into my ass. Cajoling and trying to make deals to achieve his goal of anal sex. Ry said he would fuck me in front of Daddy if he could do my ass. Daddy didn't like that, and that appears to have been the end of it... HaHaa

So, i have only my imagination to live out this fantasy. A pity, because it would be so goddamn hot! Daddy and Ry resemble each other superficially...dark hair, pale skin, thin athletic builds. They also resemble each other in personality, sometimes it freaks me out when i hear Ry say things that Daddy would or has said to me. They talk the same sometimes, and they're both artists, both judgmental, both intelligent and creative. They're both narcissists, concerned with appearances.

The irony is that Ry is kinda on the sadistic side. Ry enjoys giving me pain, biting, smacking, squeezing, and pounding me very hard with his prince albert pierced cock. That piercing really tears me apart. i feel it for days...Daddy is more subtle. He gives me pain, but not often, Daddy likes control not so much inflicting pain.

T/their differences and similarities all add up to an extremely fulfilling fuckfest for me, but i doubt i could ever get either one to do it. It's really is too bad...