Monday, January 27, 2014

Diversion or Afternoon with the guys Part 4

Wherein Our Alpha Hero Continues His Reclaiming of Our Heroine


I dry off quickly and slowly crawl into the bedroom where you're sitting on the bed. Your cock is still out and it's semi-erect. My mouth waters and I'm hungry to swallow you again. I know better than to ask for it, tho. You'll give it to me if you want to and only when you're ready. 

"Climb onto the bed and lay across me lap." 

I obey and I can feel the roughness of denim under my thighs, the heat from your body seeping thru, and the hard girth of your cock pressing into my belly. I moan and bury my face into the mattress. I feel vulnerable being naked against your fully clothed body. Images of me taking my pet into my cunt flood my mind, and I'm ashamed of my wantonness. You place one hand on the back of my neck pinning me down, and the other caresses my ass in lazy circles as you begin to speak. 

"You were smart not to let him near your ass. That would have been going much too far," and a loud smack echoes thru the room when you bring your palm down onto the cheek of my ass. The sting spreads and the burning sensation concentrates where your hand landed. I can feel the outline of the hand print on my skin. I picture the blood rushing to the surface just as another smack lands on the cheek. 

Over and over you lay the blows all over my flesh. Occasionally one lands just under my cheek, on the crease between thigh and ass. I try to be still, but my breathing is labored. I attempt to get it under control; slow, deep breathes while bunching up the blankets in my hands. I muffle my yelps and squeals, biting my lips sore. I discipline myself to keep from trying to get away, and instead lift my ass up towards the blows. You press me back down onto your lap and grind your cock against my stomach instead and continue your assault on my bottom. 

My flesh is on fire and I know I'll have marks in the morning. I'm pleased with that. I want to bear your marks. I want to go about my day knowing that underneath my clothes you have left a sign of your ownership. I wear your bites and bruises like some women wear gifts of jewelry. I keep our secrets on my skin. 

You lift me up under my arms and lay me ob my back. I'm boneless as I melt into the mattress with a sigh. I look up at you dreamily and smile. You grace me with a smile back running your finger over my swollen bottom lip and say, "You're not done yet, little girl. I've taken this mouth but you have 2 more holes that need to be filled. Take my cock into your mouth, make me hard all the way. I want to claim what's mine." 

Heady with desire and pleasurable pain, I reach for your cock and stroke as I move into a kneeling position. I suck you all the way into my mouth until the head of your cock hits the back of my throat. I relax my reflex a bit more and I feel you slide a bit further down, the angle of your cock dipping slightly. I grip your hips clinging to you as I slide my lips up and down your spit slicked shaft. Your hands grip my breasts and run along my sides, over my ribs and across my flaming cheeks and then between to caress my damp cunt. 

The landscape of my body is stretched in front of you and you take advantage of my exposed asshole. You dip one finger into my tight hole and when I begin to squirm your other hand returns to the back of my head to hold me in place. I moan against your cock and return my attention solely to pleasuring you with my mouth. I submit to the exploring fingers opening my asshole. I know I will submit happily to more soon. 

You begun to thrust into my face with increasing urgency and it's all I can do to keep up, trying to breathe and not gag on your thickness. The whole world contracts until all there is is your cock pistoning my face, battering my throat. Over and over. I'm going to be raw tomorrow. Every swallow will remind me of how you used me. 

You've removed your finger from my asshole and are cupping my chin as you relentlessly power into my mouth until you flood it with cum. I cough and choke trying to swallow it all but I can't. I open my mouth wide to catch as much as I can as you continue to cum grunting and moaning above me. 

"Swallow it all," you say between breathes, "Even what you didn't catch in that sexy little mouth of your's I want you to lap up. Clean off my cock and my stomach. Use your fingers to gather up the cum splashed across your cheeks and chin, and don't forget your neck and tits. Lick up any cum that spilled onto the bed. You're a hungry little cum slut, aren't you? Show me how hungry you are, baby." 

I do as I'm told and efficiently and eagerly clean up every drop. I lick your stomach clean and suck on your fingers. I lovingly clean off your shaft and a stray drop that landed on your thigh. I use both of my hands to swipe every streak of cum off of my cheeks and chin; I gather up what has dribbled down onto my breasts with my fingertips, hungrily devouring it all. 

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Diversion or An afternoon with the guys Part 3

Wherein Our Alpha Hero Reasserts His Dominance Over Our Heroine

Marking his property

I untie my little toy and unbuckle the restraints telling him, "Go into the bathroom and get dressed. Don't wash up. I want you to go home covered in my scent. When you get home you can jerk off." 

When my pet comes out of the bathroom I walk him to the door. Just as the door clicks closed I'm pressed against it by your body. Your palms are pressed flat against the door on either side of my head, mouth is beside me ear, and I can feel your hard cock pressed against my ass thru your jeans and my dress. 

"You slut. I didn't know you were going to fuck him. Why did you give him your cunt?" 

"I didn't. I- " 

You shove 2 fingers into my cunt abruptly. I'm not prepared for it, and gasp in shock. You shove them in as far as you can, lifting me up onto my toes. My nipples harden and I can't catch my breathe. 

"This isn't you're cunt to give away, is it?" you growl as your other hand reaches around and tugs at the knot holding my dress closed and yank it off of me. 


You reach up and cup my throat with your free hand and squeeze. "And this isn't your mouth to suck off whomever you choose, is it?" and you shove your fingers covered in my juices into my mouth. 

"Suck, slut. Clean them off. Taste that freshly fucked pussy," you whisper roughly. You're shoving your fingers so far into my mouth I might gag. I'm making little mewling noises as I clean you quickly and thoroughly. I feel your hand release my throat and twist into my hair, spinning me around to face you. You pull my head so far back my knees begin to buckle and I slide to the floor in front of you while your fingers continue their assault on my mouth. 

You lean down with our noses inches from each other and order, "Get into the tub naked. I'm going to mark my little slut so she won't forget who masters that body... And don't walk. I want to watch that ass as you crawl." 

I obey you and crawl into the bathroom. I remove my panties and climb into the tub. You walk to the edge of the tub , but you don't step in. You don't undress. You unbutton your jeans and unzip, push aside your boxer briefs and pull out your cock and I remember the 2 cocktails you consumed while I played with my toy. My head is swimming with the realization of what you'll do. 

"Open your mouth...Whose mouth is this?" you question as I open my mouth to you. 

"Yours, " I manage to breathe just as you unleash a stream of piss into my awaiting mouth. It's warm and slightly bitter. It runs down my chin and neck and you lower your aim to my breasts. 

"Whose tits are these?" 

"Yours..." I answer as I gather them up in my hands to present them to you. The cascade of piss continues. It gathers in my cleavage and runs over my fingers. There's a small amount pooling underneath me. It's cold beneath my ass. 

"Lie back and spread your legs." 

With a sigh I lie back with my knees wide. I lean my head against the wall and close my eyes reveling in your marking me as property. I'm foggy with desire when your voice breaks thru. 

"No, open your eyes. Watch," you order me. You're pissing directly on my cunt washing away the evidence of my previous orgasm. You clear away the memory of me fucking my toy until all I'm thinking of is being possessed by you. 

When you've finished you leave your cock hanging out of your clothes and put your hands on your hips, "Now suck my cock clean." And I take you into my mouth and suck swallowing the little droplets of piss that clung to the head of your cock. I feel your hands on the back of my head forcing my face to be smashed up against your crotch. My nose is filled with the heated scent of you. My chin is pressed against your balls, and as your cock hardens it becomes difficult for me to breathe. I whimper around your cock, but you just press my face closer against you until I can't breathe at all. When you release my head I fall back gasping and sputtering. I rush forward trying to recapture your cock in my mouth, but you step back with a shake of your head. 

"Rinse off, and crawl back into the room. You'll have no doubts about who you belong to when I'm done."

Diversion or An afternoon with the guys Part 2

Wherein Our Heroine Continues Dominating Her Pet Under the Watchful Eye of Her Dominant

A continuation of submission

My pet walks into the bedroom with downcast eyes and climbs onto the bed gracefully. It's one of the things I enjoy most about him. The powerful and sleek gracefulness of his body, fettered for me to wield. I know he's naturally inclined to be aggressive, but for me he's a tamed panther. 

I stand in front of his bowed head and tuck a lock of his hair behind his ear and run my finger along his jaw. I lean down with my mouth close so he can feel my breath blow across ear," Does knowing he's watching make you nervous, pet? It's fine if it's just me staring at you, but what if there's another man? Are you ashamed? I don't think you are. I think you like it," murmuring into his ear. I straighten up and turn towards my bag. 

"I'm going to give you a choice, pet," I tell him while riffling thru my bag, "You can either keep your eyes closed or I can blindfold you." 

As I'm speaking to my fuck toy, I pull 2 pieces of thick pipe out of my bag. Both of the pipes have a leather buckled cuff lined with fleece on an end, and one of the other ends is threaded. I screw the 2 pieces together as I continue. 

"I will tell you I much prefer you to keep your eyes closed, if you must. I don't want to use the blindfold. I want to play with your hair and it will get in the way of that. I'm giving you a choice...But you do want to make me happy, don't you?" My good pet nods slowly. 

"And you know what I prefer?" He nods slowly again. 

"So, you'll give me what I want, won't you?" Again he nods assent. 

"Splendid! Lie down face up with your head at the foot of the bed and spread your legs." 

I pull a 10 ft bundle of black cotton rope and walk to the side of the bed. I place the spreader bar between my pet's feet and run my fingers from his soles, along his instep, and over his tensed calves. I walk beside the edge of the bed making my way towards his head dragging my fingers along the inside of his thigh. Before I land on his balls I skirt around his groin and twist my body so that I am at the foot of the bed with my legs placed on either side of his upturned face. My fingers are splayed across his stomach and I claw my hand up his belly to his nipple. I lay the bundle of rope between his pecs and use both of my hands to tug at his erect nipples. I alternate between sharp pinches and gently rolling them under my palms. 

My pet squirm and I palm his shoulders pressing them down on the mattress, and admonish," Don't move. No writhing and no squirming. Be pliant. Be obedient. Here, I'll give some focus for admiration." I lift the hem of my dress and drop it down under his chin tenting his head between my thighs. 

"That's better. Now there's nothing to distract you from where your attention should be."

I bring my thighs closer together and reach under my skirt to shove my fingers in his mouth. I draw my fingers out and plunge them into my still dripping cunt. I turn my head to watch you as I worked them in and out. My eyes go half lidded as I imagine it's your fingers inside of me. I stare at your hands picturing what they'll do to me later. What my reward will be if I please. What my punishment will be if I disappoint. It turns me on so much and I bring myself right to the edge of cumming, but when you shake your head "No" I stop just short of release.

I straighten again and cast a look down my pet's body to his cock. He's completely hard again so watching me finger myself inches away from his face must have distracted him from any shyness he may have harbored. He deserves a treat for that so as I step back from the bed I draw my run my slick fingers along the seam of his lips and tell him, "Good boy. Stay." 

I take a few steps towards you and put my hands on the armrests on either side of the chair. I notice that you've finished your drink and have begun working on mine. I kiss along your jaw and lick at your earlobe," I need the chair a moment, baby." 

You cup the back of my head and stand. When you're fully upright my face is level with your crotch. You pull me towards you and my lips are pressed against your straining cock. I can feel how hard you are thru your jeans. You hold me like that for a moment, grinding hard enough to make it difficult to breathe. When you let me go I give a small gasp. As I try to quickly regain my composure you give me a sardonic little smile. 

I pick up the chair and place it with it's back against the wall facing the foot of the bed. There's about 3 feet from the end of the mattress to the wall. And the seat of the chair is about 2 feet from the bed. I again motion for you to sit. I climb onto the bed and crawl between my pets legs and reach for the spreader bar. The only sound is the clicking of the buckles and the deep breathing of my pet," Hands above your head, pet. Wrists together." 

Once the bar is secure I slide off and return to the foot of the bed. While I'm straddling my fuck toy's face, I grab the bundle of rope and unwind it. I grip his wrists and loop the rope around. I wind the rope tight and pass the loose end between his wrists. I tug it tight and pull his hands over his head. 

"Bend your elbows," I whisper into his ear. I kneel down and tie the loose ends the cross rung connecting the chairs legs. Once I've secured the knot I look up at you and smile. You take another sip of your drink and give my nose a tweak. 

"I'm going to fuck you, little pet. I'm going to cum all over that cock," I inform my pet as I dig thru my bag once again. I find the bottle of lube and the rubber butt plug and I climb onto the bed and drop the plug between the toy's legs. I settle myself in the triangle created with the spreader bar and the toy's body. My pet is still hard as I drizzle the lube down the shaft of his crotch and into the crease of his ass. 

I stroke his cock,"Pet, I'm getting you ready for me. I'm going to use you to get off. Don't say a word, and don't move. You're a warm dildo for me to use to get off." 

My fingers glide between his ass cheeks and I tickle at his asshole as I grab hold of the bar and pull it towards his body. His knees are splayed with his feet close to his ass. I say to my pet, "I want you to turn over. Twist your hips fist, " I say as I continue to grip the bar,"Then your shoulders. And turn over onto your stomach. 

I keep the bar up close to his body maneuvering it to help him turn over. Now my pet's asshole is opened wide. I've already greased it up and it's begging me to enter. I press the plug against his tight hole, and I hear a soft whine as the plug forces past that first tight ring. I sink it into his hole securely and admonish, "You mustn't let it slip out. You keep that in you, pet. Be a good boy for me. Now, on your back again." 

Once I have him on his back I can't wait any longer. My cunt is aching to be filled. I climb onto my pet, aim his cock for my dripping pussy, and sink down onto him, I savor every inch as he fills me and stretches me to accommodate his girth. I feel him deep in my stomach and it makes me catch my breathe. The walls of my cunt clamp down on him and I start to rock back and forth rubbing the head of his cock against that spot deep inside of me. 

"O, fuck. O, fuck," I can't help but moan. My senses are overloading and the blood is rushing thru my head. I can't hear or see anything but stinging pleasure. It's so difficult to keep him from slipping out, my juices are fucking everywhere. I don't care or notice how slippery I've become. All I want is that white hot lightening orgasm that will make me scream. 

When I cum it crashes over me in waves and I cry out. It's moans and grunt, completely unintelligible. I'm just a wet, spent animal who thoroughly fucked herself on a hard ride. 

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Diversion or An afternoon with the guys Part 1

Wherein We Meet Our Heroine, Our Alpha Hero and Our Beta Hero

An introduction to objectification

You and I enter a hotel room and put our bags down. I call down to the front desk immediately and ask for more towels to be sent up. I'm in a white linen wrap dress with wedge sandals. You're wearing dark denim jeans and a white t-shirt. You make us both a drink as I answer the door and accept the stack of requested towels from the maid and place them on the counter next to the sink.

I'm feeling giddy and nervous and soooo excited. My whole body is humming with anxiety and anticipation. Sipping my drink I look at you and smile, and you kiss me and tell me how much your looking forward to playing.

When I answer a knock at the door our guest, and my living sex doll, arrives. He's tall with long black hair down his back. He's broad-shouldered and lean, dark eyed and olive skinned. I put my arms around his neck and kiss his cheek.

"Come in to the bathroom, pet, and take off your clothes," I whisper into his ear.

He enters the bathroom, and I open the shower curtain to turn on the water. I get the water to a comfortable temperature just as he's pulling off his underwear. He's standing up straight before me with his back to the mirror, and I can see his muscular back and high tight ass reflected back at me. I run my hands from his shoulder down the lengths of his back, digging my fingers into the flesh of his ass cheeks. I grip him hard and drag my nails lightly across the skin. I don't want to mark him yet. I want his skin smooth and polished for now.

"Take some of these towels and put them under the bathmat along the side of the tub. Then get into the shower, pet, and keep the curtain open. Get wet all over. Don't use any of the soap, just soak yourself, " I order as I walk back into the room towards my bag. I take from the bag a shower poof and some shower gel. I place the items on the desk and grab the desk chair, looking into the bathroom. I get the angle of the chair just so. I look over to you and wink motioning you to take a seat.

I've positioned the chair so you can see the full length of the bathroom counter, and in the mirror you can see into the shower. Directly under the spray of the shower head is my toy, drenched from his hair to his toes. I grab the gel and poof heading back towards the bathroom. He turns to me as I reenter and I hand him the poof and gel and hop up onto the side of the counter closest to the doorway. I slide until my back is pressed against the mirror, and you can see me with my toy reflected beside me.

"Use a lot of gel," I say, "I want there to be a lot of...foam," I smirk and cast a quick glance over to you, making sure you see everything that happens.

"Start at your chest, high up, slowly. No, on your shoulder. And run your other hand from the middle of your stomach up and down." He so lovely, like a classical Greek statue, something from antiquity to be placed in a museum and gazed upon. I feel the heat gathering between my legs watching the rivulets of water race across his body.

As he begins I spread my legs, propping my left foot onto the counter. I slide my right hand into my white panties and my clit is already swollen and sensitive. I dip my fingers between the fold of my cunt and run the pad of my middle finger back over my clit. I know you can see my knuckle pressed against the cloth of my panties. Whenever I crook my fingers to gather more of my juices you catch a glimpse of my cunt as the fabric pulls away. I can smell the spicy pear of the bath gel and it mixes with the scent of my own arousal, and I wonder if you can smell it too.

When the river of bubbles runs down his stomach it forks around the curls surrounding his cock, then glides over his balls. The white suds frame his semi-erect cock making the deepening color stand out in stark contrast.

"Lower now. Wash across your stomach. No, from side to side. Now, your hips on either side....No. Don't touch your cock. You're not allowed to touch it until I say you can; you know better than that...Turn around and face the wall. Lift your hair up. Now squeeze the loofah so the suds run down your back."

I work my cunt with my right hand and bring my left up to my breast. I can feel my nipples stiffen and pressing against the sheer linen of my dress. They're darkened and I know they're clearly visible thru the thin material. I draw my hand across my chest into the deep v of my neckline to my other breast. I cup and squeeze and caress the swell of the underside. I close my eyes, lean my head back and gasp. I bite my lip and my nostrils flare.

"Fuck, I adore looking at you. Turn around... Such a lovely body; you look like a statue. It's what you're suited for best. I'm sure you know this. I know you enjoy being looked at... You're such an exhibitionist, you just love to show off, don't you?... Rinse off. Turn the water off. Put your back against the wall facing me. Put your hands behind your head and face the ceiling."

As he obeys I slip off the counter and walk over to where you're sitting. I climb into your lap and press my still soaked fingers to your lips offering you a taste of me. You give them a long lick sucking them into your mouth. You grasp the base of my fingers between your teeth and roll your tongue over and between them getting all of my juices off. Once they're clean you pull my fingers from your mouth with both hands and smile at me before giving me a lazy lick across my lips. I give you a nip at your bottom lip and get up to return to the bathroom. Before you release my hand you give me a quick kiss on my palm and a sharp little bite on my thumb.

He's in position like a good little slave and I stand directly in front of him but with my ass against the edge of the counter. I stare at his cock, still semi erect. I want to touch it. I want to run my fingers along the top of his shaft so I reach out and do just that. When he gasps I tell him, "No. Don't make any noise. Don't move. Not even your hips. Just open your legs a little wider... Yes. I like the way your cock is getting hard for me. Very flattering. But then, it would get hard for me, wouldn't it? Considering how much you like being my hot fleshed dildo," I chuckle. "You can't help yourself. Your balls are tightening as I speak. I'm not even touching you and you have to fight to keep from fucking the air, you're so turned on. You're dying for me to touch you, aren't you?"

He gives a barely audible whimper as I stroke his cock again. He's thickened and lengthened and a bead of pre-cum has formed at the tip of his cock. I use the tip of my index finger to gather it up and spread it all over the bursting head of his cock. His arousal has made the skin taut and shiny, and it's making my mouth water. I want to taste him.

I drop to my knees outside of the tub and reach up to grip him by the ass and pull him to me. As the head of his cock nears my mouth I close my eyes and I can smell the spiced pear and the heat of his crotch. I dig my fingers into his flesh and cast a glance over my shoulder into the mirror. I catch your eye and the corners of your mouth quirk up in a knowing grin. I smile back at you, close my eyes and turn back to my pet cock bobbing with desire in front of my face.

"So eager, " I murmur right before capturing the head between my lips. I roll my tongue over the head and dip my tongue into the slit at the tip and I can taste more pre-cum beginning well up. My pet tries to get me to take more in by moving his hips towards me and groaning.

"NO!" I say sharply, giving his thigh a slap. It's more jarring than painful, but it leaves a very satisfying red replica of my hand on his muscular thigh.

"Hmmmmm...I like the look of that, " I tell my pet admiringly, "...But you know what an proponent I am of symmetry." I give him another corresponding slap on the opposite thigh.

I return my attention to suckling on the cock of my toy. I relax my gag reflex and take him into my mouth, enjoying the feel of him butting up against the back of my throat. My lips are sealed against the curls at the base of his cock and my nose is filled with the scent of him. He smells like heat, and man, spiced pear, and fuck. My saliva makes the hair and the shaft of his cock glisten and I can see my spit starting to drip down to his balls, too. My panties are so soaked they're probably completely transparent by now. I can smell how hot my cunt is, and my clit is throbbing like mad.

My toy is breathing deeply thru his nose and I can see his chest expanding with each jagged breathe. He's trying to maintain control while I suck and draw on his cock even harder. He knows he can't cum without permission, but I enjoy making it as difficult on him as possible. I cup his now slippery balls in my hand, squeezing, and continue to torture him with my mouth. I moan low in my throat knowing the hum will travel up the length of his cock and hit him deep in his belly.

I release his cock from my mouth, but keep his balls tight in my grasp. As I stand up and lean into his ear I begin to stroke his cock with my other hand. "You want to cum so badly, don't you? But you can't. I haven't given you permission. You have to earn your orgasm. You know that...." I whisper continuing to stroke and squeeze. I give my wrist a twist when I get to the head of his cock before I tighten my grasp and slide back down toward the base one last time.

As I reach for a towel and begin to dry my pet off, I speak,"Are you going to earn your orgasm? You've been performing for me so prettily, will you continue? Do you want to please me and earn a reward? Will you be a good boy, and do everything I tell you? Will you continue to submit no matter what?"

I'm answered with a barely perceptible nod and a soft, hardly audible whimper.

"Good boy. Go into the room and kneel on the bed. Head bowed and palms up resting on your thighs."

End Part 1

Friday, January 24, 2014

Lullaby (Re-post)

"This is what I want," M's thick, desire rich voice coaxes through the phone, "I want you to unlock your door, and turn out all the lights."

"Yes," I whisper, barely audible even to myself.

"I'm going to fuck the shit out of you, then leave. And no talking."


"You're going to be my cum slut. You have 20 minutes to get ready."


I wait in my bed, my heart thumping in my chest. I'm still damp from him instructing me to play with myself while I described to him the fantasies I have of us. I had wanted him to come to me, for him to say "I want to see you," but I hadn't dared ask. It was too late at night, too far away, too spontaneous. And then, he was coming. Here. Now.

I bite my lip, eyes fixed on my door. My ears are pricked, scanning for a footfall, a stair creak. I want to hide. I pull the blankets over my head like a child hiding from the bogeyman. I twist under the sheets, trying to find a cool piece of bed to soothe my burning skin. I can't breathe under the covers, so I pop my head out and resume my anxious vigil.

My door scrapes open and the hall light cuts a bright slash across my wall. I see him in silhouette framed by the doorway. He has no facial expression that I can discern as he walks towards the bed silently. He takes his shirt off and unbuckles his pants as I sit up, letting the blankets fall to my waist.

He pounces on me, curling his fingers around my throat, crushing my lips with his. I fall back on the pillows, and his grip tightens, his kiss becoming more insistent. He ends the kiss abruptly, but continues pinning me down by my throat while his left hand digs into my cunt.

When he climbs onto the bed, settling between my legs, I think he's going to enter me. I sit up to kiss him, but he pushes me back down onto my pillows. The shadow of his face looms above me, and his mouth is on mine again, devouring my lips. My god, what his mouth feels like moving down my neck, nipping sharply at my nipple...

He grips my hips and dives down between my thighs sucking my clit hungrily. His right hand slides up my waist, over my ribs, and kneads my breast. He pinches my nipple hard and I squeak and squirm. His fingertips press against my mouth and I run my tongue along the soft pads of his fingers. I suckle at them, gently nibbling.

He uses his fingers, soaked in my own spit, to invade my cunt roughly again. He targets my g-spot and presses in firmly. I buck my hips, grinding my clit against his tongue. I weave my fingers through the thick curls of his hair, holding him in place. Flickering licks and deep penetration make me twist and moan under him.

My head is swimming as he slides off the bed and stands beside it. He pulls me to the edge of the mattress by my shoulders and straddles my upturned face. I am folded in half again. I think he wants me to take him into my mouth, but when my tongue makes contact with his cock, he stands upright and pushes my face away. Confused, I think I am too "low" to suck his cock, so I stretch up to nuzzle his balls. He straightens again, and this time delivers a corrective smack across my face, instantly subduing me.

My poor cunt is stretched open again. I don't know why 2 index fingers should make me feel more exposed, more used, than 2 fingers from a single hand, but when he splits me like this I feel completely at his mercy. He doesn't just hold me open, but alternates between the two fingers, sliding one then the other into me further. It hurts deliciously and is difficult to adjust to this unique intrusion. I squeeze his thighs and bury my face into the crook of his knee; ashamed of my wantonness.

He climbs back onto the bed, flipping me onto my hands and knees. My face is smashed into my pillows and my ass is raised high into the air. He enters me quickly and begins pounding me relentlessly. I yelp and pant and push back against him, bracing myself against the wall, the window ledge, the edge of the mattress. His hands run up the sides of my body, fingers spread wide to feel as much of me as possible. His arm snakes around my chest cupping my breast, the other keeping me firmly in place by my hip.

He's bottoming out inside of me. I can feel the tip of his cock battering against my cervix. I know I will feel this in the morning. It sends white hot daggers into my stomach and I arch my back like a cat in heat to get ever more of him into me.

I feel him curl in behind me, laying his forehead on the curve of my neck, sinking his teeth into my shoulder blade. He moans and kisses my just-bitten flesh, sliding his hands out from under me, placing them on my shoulders. He thrusts harder, slamming up into me at the same time he pulls me down onto his cock.

I was immobile. I became a hot wet sheath to encase him. For a time "ME" disappeared, and all that is left is my cunt, my desire, his need, his lust. He uses me on my back, my knees wide and my feet in the air. I recall flashes of a barely recognizable face in shadowed relief; of a familiar scent; of moans and grunts I know; of the taste of mingled sweat; of a heated intensity threatening to consume me.

I wanted to say his name so many times. I wanted to tell him how good he felt inside of me. I wanted to urge him on deeper and harder, but I was forbidden to use words. I did not hear him whisper my name, nor did I recieve instruction. A nudge, a shove, his crushing hold on me, was our language.

When he came he sent threads of semen shooting into my mouth, lacing my cheek, and into my hair. When we were cleaned up, he spoke the first words of our encounter.

"I am so very happy right now," he said as he sunk into my pillows, a satisfied smile on his face. I didn't know if I was allowed to speak yet, but my heart was overflowing hearing him so pleased.

"Did you like that?" he asked me. I was still unsure if I should speak, so I smiled broadly and nodded emphatically. The enormous smile he gave me crinkled his eyes, and he gave me sweet, unhurried kisses.

"I did good?" I asked, still unsure if I was allowed to speak.

"You're a good girl. A wonderful little girl," he said, with a few last, lingering kisses, "Now, I want you to go to sleep. And when you wake up, you'll think this was just a dream... until you feel the pain in your pussy."

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Juliana Hatfield Three - My Sister

My sister died last year. She died of breast cancer. There's speculation that it came about because she submitted to fertility treatments. So, I have a nephew who killed my sister. Take that shit home and live with it!

How could she?! How could she?! Didn't she care about any of us? The answer is "No." Paige cared about no-one but Rugger. Not me, or Sash, or Laur, or her nephews. She didn't care about anyone but Rugger.
Rugger was what she was leaving. Not what she hoped she'd leave, but on the "off chance".