Saturday, August 30, 2008

Kiss Me

We sat at the bar talking. It was going unbelievably well. First meetings can be filled with awkward silences, and if there had been any, it wouldn't have been unexpected. But there were none. Conversation flowed smoothly, with one story, quip, and anecdote leading into another. He had me laughing to the point of aching cheeks. He complimented me, telling me how pretty I looked, and I blushed. The attraction was growing. I felt flushed and giddy. I could feel my eyes sparkling.

And then, right in the middle of me speaking, he kissed me. Quickly. Sweetly. No tongue. Just a peck, and then he resumed listening to me. But I had lost my train of thought. I blushed again with my eyes downcast; a smile spreading across my face despite myself.

I cannot remember the last time I was kissed with such innocent sexiness. It didn't stay innocent for long, happily, and he has proven to have a sexually aggressive side that I will continue to encourage. But that first tender kiss showed such consideration and promise as to make this cynical and jaded creature begin to believe in possibilities again.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Yeah, that's the hotness right there...

the way he bites his lip before i kiss him

the freckle on his left eyelid

the way he can fuck me over and over again

that he instantly hits my g-spot

that he'll stop in mid sentence to tell me i'm pretty

when he holds my hand

that he tosses me around, flipping me and holding me into position

that he's not afraid to choke me

that he doesn't mind my past

smelling him on me after we part

the excitement i feel when we have a date

when he throws his head back and laughs, bearing his perfect teeth

how he cracks me up, bringing laughter back into my life

his hunger for my body; once i'm naked he wants me to remain naked

the way my heart beats when he looks into my eyes

that he likes my smile (the one i hate)

cuddling that doesn't make me feel suffocated

him pounding me with our mouths pressed so he can feel my screams and moans against his lips

being kissed sweetly and appreciatively before and after he savagely throat fucks me

that he's a bassist

that he appreciates good food

that he's an adorable beer snob

he doesn't mind that i smoke

he's never been married and has no kids

he doesn't think i'm uncool for not having heard of 90% of the bands he mentions (including his)

when he pulls my head back by my hair exposing my throat to kisses and bites

none of the kinky stuff is freaking him far

and that smile...that fucking beautiful smile...

Sunday, August 10, 2008


This blog will undergo a slight shift. Some regular readers (if I have any of those) may have noticed the capitalization shift, the lack of "Daddy" mentions, and the focus switch from D/s to other kinky things. My sex life will continue to be the focus of this blog; it will just not be exclusively about my D/s with "Daddy".

I hope it will continue to be interesting. Maybe it will invite more readers to participate. Maybe everyone will abandon me. Either way, I just wanted to give everyone a heads up.