Friday, June 27, 2008

Something in the Way

i havn't been able to post recently, for many reasons, not the least of which was because my internet was off for a while. i have it turned on again, but i can't guarentee how much posting i'll be doing. i'm playing it by ear.

i missed the second literary salon because i had to work. D told me that i was definitely missed. Everyone was asking him where i was, and they told him to tell me that they hope i'll be back for the next one. From now on i'll be requesting that day off. i didn't this month only because i don't usually work tuesdays, but my position has changed, therefore so have my hours. Apparently one of the selections read that evening was even dedicated to excerpt from "American Psycho", a book, unbeknownest to the reader, that i enjoy very much.

i saw Daddy last week. i was beaten with various implements. Not for punishment, just for play. It was fun to be beaten again, and when Daddy gave me the choice of implements to be used on me, i ended up choosing the ones He wanted to use.

One of the implements was the sensory deprivation hood. Subspace, wine, and time have blurred my recall of the experience, but i can say with certainty i enjoyed it.

i hope that Daddy will have me for more fun and games soon. And i hope that i can have more comprehensive memories of that time.

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Sweet Tooth said...

"implements" is such a hot word