Monday, November 17, 2008

I Took A Leap In Summer

I took a leap in Summer
With evening as my cover.
I jumped into a moonlit bed,
And then I had a lover.

I flew into the open arms
Of unknown passion blind.
I explored his body greedily
Impatient for all I'd find.

I surrendered breathless kisses
And sighs into the air.
I opened to piercing flesh on flesh
And lay myself out bare.

I ran to have a living dream,
So failed to hear the call.
I took a leap in Summer,
But I fell in Fall.


persephone said...

hi laani. what a beautiful poem.

i guess the mystery at the end is part of what makes it beautiful, but since you're here and i can ask you... when you say you "fell" in fall, does that mean that you fell, as in fell in love, or does it mean that you fell, as in fell down and got hurt?

i want to know whether i should be sighing with pleasure or frowning and coming up with a way to be supportive.

Laani said...

thank you so much for your interest persephone. :)
the ambiguity at the end of the poem is deliberate. i have fallen for M, but i wasn't sure if he would want to be my boyfriend. i had made attempts at bringing it up, and it wasn't entirely promising. i had been debating with myself what i should do about it, and wasn't optomistic about the outcome.
the poem is expressing how i had persued the affair, and found myself feeling for him more than i originally imagined. and how i lept to him in summer time, but found myself falling for him in fall, and possibly getting hurt (falling down) in fall because i cared so deeply for him.
i had the poem in my drafts for a week, and showed it to him friday night before i posted it. saturday morning i asked him to "be mine", and he said "yes".
so, i think you can sigh with pleasure. :) you're very sweet to care. and i want to tell you how much i'm going to miss your blog, and that i hope you don't entirely disappear from the blogosphere. your compassion and insight have always been a pleasure to read.

Sweet Tooth said...

lovely. simply divine. just a technical thing with the "fell in fall" bit, for the sake of rhythm, would "into fall" make it less ambiguous? it flows like butter until that part. kisses!

Laani said...

seeing as the "Fall" in question is a time of year, i don't think one can fall "into" it. it's a play on words, i'm sure you got that, and the ambiguity is on purpose. and, as an aside, i still am ambiguous about the situation.