Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Never Enough

Have you ever fucked someone over and over, and it just wasn't enough? Have you ever enjoyed someone's touch so much that it only makes you hunger for it more? Ever try to go about your day and be unable to keep flashes of their body, their breathing, their feel from your mind?

I find myself insatiable when it comes to sex with M. One kiss isn't enough, bout after bout of intercourse just makes me want him inside me again. Imagining the things he's done to me make me relive the sensations I felt when they happened. I get wet and my clit tingles at the most inappropriate times. At work today, while on break, I had to resist the urge to play with myself!

Friday night he was fucking me from behind, my ass raised, legs spread wide to allow as much of him into me as possible. It was hurting so deliciously, it was making me blind with with pleasure. He slowed and I heard a soft rumpling coming from behind, and all of a sudden my pillowcase hooded my head. M pulled it tight across my face and resumed fucking me, but even harder. The roughness, the aggression, the loss of sight, the loss of me was so erotic. It's been running through my mind for days...

M knew that I was excited about the election yesterday, and I had asked him if he'd come over after band practice to watch the returns with me. We hadn't spoken of it since I'd asked, so I'd thought he'd forgotten, but at 7 pm yesterday, when he would've been on his way to practice, he called me and said he wanted to come watch the results. I was overjoyed that he would spend such an important event with me, and I said I'd love for him to come over.

He was a little tired, so he cat napped in my lap while I watched the coverage. He looks so handsome when he sleeps, and I stroked his curls while he dozed. He woke up from time to time, checking on the progress of the polls, and I was getting more and more excited with each state. When the announcement was made I literally jumped for joy, clapping my hands like a child. I kissed M over and over, and I was so happy he was here to share that with me.

I had been extremely horny all day, and if the election hadn't been of such importance I do not think I would've been able to wait as long as I did to fuck M. He was so hard when I put my hand on him, I couldn't wait to have him. It's a bit of a blur, by the time I was naked with him I was on fire to fuck. I rode him and he filled me so deeply it took my breathe away. He fucked my ass on my back and choked me, filling me with his cum. Christ, I love that...

I love the intensity of his face when he's fucking me. The fierceness is intimidating, and it makes me feel soft and so very female. His dark eyes focus on me filled with desire. Watching his face contort as he orgasms gives me a feeling I can't adequately describe. It makes me feel powerful and subdued at the same time. And I love cradling him in my arms as he comes out of the daze of pleasure. The weight of his body comforts me, and I think that's when I feel closest to him.

He woke up early to go to work this morning, and I was groggy from sleep as he dressed. He kissed me, and I curled around him as he put his shoes on. He took my face in his hands and kissed me over and over, and I asked if I would see him Friday. He said yes, and I received more kisses before he walked to the door. I blew him a kiss as he closed the door, and snuggled back into my still warm bed smiling and dreaming of having him back in my arms.