Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Bah Humbug

I'm doing a little experiment tonight. I'll be doing multiple posts throughout the evening as I get more and more drunk. I'm going to post what comes to mind as it comes to mind, because I have nothing else to fucking do.

Normally this night would be spent in the presence of my family. Traditionally I'd be celebrating the Feast of the Seven Fishes with my loved ones, but this year I have no way to get to the open house my aunt holds annually. The free booze, unconditional love, and copious amounts of seafood I've become accustomed to consuming on this night are unavailable this year. My sister, who I had planned on hitching a ride with, has decided she isn't attending, therefore forcing me to also opt out.

So, I will spend this evening getting ever more wasted on vodka cocktails and blogging. I have a few ideas about subjects for my drunken rambles, and we'll just see how it goes. My typing, even when sober, leaves much to be desired, but seeing how this is an "experiment" the results could be worthwhile no matter what they reveal.

Anyway, I don't expect this to be of interest to anyone but myself, and I am curious to see what I end up with in the blindingly sober light of morning...


Anonymous said...

Did you (need to?) delete a lot?

(Happy New Year!)

Laani said...

In a word, slut...yes.
(Thank you, darling girl, for your never-ending encouragement!)
We ALL miss you.