Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ask Laani

I recieved an email over the weekend with a few questions in it, and I'm posting the email as well as my response, as promised.

Hello Laani!

You said March is the month for your readers to ask you questions, so here goes:

1) In your last post you mentioned you have a Pro-Blog??? What is that? How can I find it? (I just recently discovered your blogs, my boyfriend has been secretly following it and just decided to share it with me a few days ago. Apparently he's been getting off to your stories, hehe, and since we've been talking about adding another girl to the mix, I suppose he wanted to introduce me to this blogosphere as a test? To see if another woman would honestly arouse me? Who knows. Well it worked. I fell in love with your writing style and your posts. Since Monday, I've devoured all the posts I could find since 2007, if there are previous ones, please let me know!)

2) How did you, when did you, discover bdsm? D/lg dynamics? Your submissive side? How did you become a dominatrix?

3) In bed you're submissive, but at work you take charge in, what appears to me to be, a very Domme way. Do you associate yourself as a bottom and a top? Are you a switch? If so, are you equally comfortable in both roles?

4) You worked at a sex club? What was it called? Is it still open?

5) How did you find the erotic literary salon?

6) If you haven't already, could you make an "About me" page? We both want to know so much more about you. We find you to be an intriguing, sexy, coy, and playful minx.


And my response...

Hi Mina,

Thanks for asking. :)

1) My Pro-Blog is one I use for work on my website. I don't think you'd find it of much interest as it's for the clients/slaves. I did have a private blog that only Daddy and I had access to, but I stopped keeping it when he and I parted.

2) How and when I discovered BDSM is harder to describe. I remember reading romance novels as a teenager and I always responding to the over-powering or binding of the heroines. I didn't identify it as BDSM, it just turned me on. I had a bf in my late teens that lent me the Ann Rice books, The Beauty Chronicles, and that really left an impression on me. I had another bf that I explored spanking and rope bondage with, and we did a little D/s, too. It wasn't until "Daddy" that I really got into it. I called him "Daddy" the first time we had sex, and he was significantly older than me (16 years), and it was easy for us to slip into the D/lg dynamic. He told me he wanted me to keep a blog, which ended up being the private one I mentioned, and I went around the internet looking up this type of play. I didn't find much, and so much of the ageplay stuff was Adult Babies, which I'm not into.
It was at Daddy's recommendation that I try being a pro-domme. I was skeptical, but he said I was smart enough and creative enough to do it. He sent me to an acquaintance of his that ran a dungeon, and I trained there. Eventually, I went independent, and now I work for myself.

3) I'm a professional Switch, technically. It's unusual, it's mostly Dommes, and it be dangerous if one isn't very careful. I have done switching with M in bed. Lately, he's been the top and I've been bottom. I'm most comfortable being submissive/bottom. I feel that way naturally, and have an eager to please type personality.

4) I've had quite a few sex industry jobs...stripper, phone sex, webcam modeling, photo and video work, as well as being a pro-switch. The dungeon wasn't a sex club exactly, it was a house of Domination with a staff of Mistresses and many playrooms. In general I do not like swinger's clubs, BDSM clubs, or fetish events. I don't like to play with men for free unless I am in a relationship with them. And there's alot of posturing and posing that doesn't interest me either. Most of the pro-dommes at those events are just show, and the fetish models pretending to be dommes annoys me also. Having said that, I know quite a few wonderful pro-Dommes that I consider very good friends.

5) I read about the salon in the paper, actually. My friend Devo and I attended, and the rest is history.

6) I don't think I know what you mean by an "About Me" page. Is there some kind of application on blogger for it? (ed. I figured out what she meant, but I have no idea what to write on an "About Me" page. heh heh)

I appreciate your taking the time to write, and I'm so pleased you enjoy my writing. Feel free t contact me with any other questions/comments you may have.


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