Thursday, April 17, 2008

Viva Las Vegas

Daddy booked my flight yesterday for Las Vegas. Wheeeeee!

Daddy will be going out to Vegas for a little over a week, and i'll be visiting Him for the weekend, and then flying back home with Him. Hopefully, W/we will be sitting together on the flight back, but i don't know that yet.

Daddy asked me if i was excited about going...Ummmmmm, yeah! i'm excited because i'll be with Daddy; because i've never been that far west before; because it's terribly decadent to fly so far for a weekend; because it's Vegas, baby! :) Not that i gamble or have any desire to see cheesey Vegas shows, but there is a restaurant that i really want to go to, and if W/we go out to the clubs, that might be fun.

W/we won't be alone on this trip. It's a working trip for Daddy, and He'll have 2 friends with Him, and a lady companion of one of them, sharing a condo. i've never met these friends of Daddy's, i've actually only met one other friend of Daddy's, and that friend only last week. i'm very interested in what Daddy's friends will think of me...

Daddy says i have to be a "big girl" on this trip. i can't wear any of my "little girl" clothes, except for in O/our room. i asked Daddy if i was still able to call Him "Daddy", and He said i was. i'm thankful for that, cause i don't think i could call Him by His first name the entire trip without slipping. i haven't received any specific instructions for how i'm supposed to "act", but i think i'll be good as long as i try to contain the natural regression that comes over me when i'm with Him. i think it will be ok for me to be "little-er" than my chronological age, but not as "little" as i usually go.

i am nervous about embarrassing Daddy. He said that His one friend will probably ask me alot of questions, i assume about what Daddy and i do together. i'm curious to see how daring his inquiries will i'm kinda concerned about the other girl who will be there. i know nothing about her, except that she's bi. It will be interesting to see how she reacts to me and Daddy.

i think this trip will be an interesting social experiment.

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