Friday, April 11, 2008

He Hit Me, And It Felt Like A Kiss

My bottom has received quite a bit of attention this past week.

Over the weekend i hung out with my friend Ry, the sadist, and he's developed a real taste for spanking me. He doesn't give me a prolonged spanking, i guess it would be classified more as smacks. And he smacks hard! But, Ry doesn't leave marks. He uses his smacks as "punctuation", or because he feels like it. It's not his place to punish me, and he doesn't.

The next instance of bum abuse was with my very dear girlfriend, Ms. Astrid. She and i worked together at the dungeon, until she became an independent Dominatrix. Astrid and i used to do 2 girl sessions with each other. She and i resemble each other superficially, red hair and pale skin. The clients like when we play sisters or mother/daughter. Astrid wants to advertise us as an independent Mistress/submissive team. i would only submit to her in the sessions tho.

To promo our new endeavor, Astrid and i did a photo shoot with an excellent photographer near where we live. Astrid's boyfriend ( Ed. ex-boyfriend) is also a photographer, in the sex industry, and we have plans to shoot with him also. It's terribly validating to have people want to take your picture. :)

Anyway, during the shoot, which was terribly erotic, and not at all porny, i was tossed around like a rag doll! The photographer had no problem picking me up, or twisting me around, or having me hold uncomfortable positions in order to achieve an interesting shot. i'm surprised my hair survived it as well as it

And Astrid gave me quite the sound spanking. There were many photos taken of my stinging ass. i told Astrid that since i've been such a good girl lately, my pain tolerance has gone waaaaay down. And when she began spanking me, she realized it was true. Astrid has spanked and used implements on me many times before, and she was shocked at the dip in tolerance.

It was a fun shoot, i hope to be able to have some pix soon. i might post them, too. :)

i was a bit naughty this past visit with Daddy. i'm disappointed in myself, because i have been terribly good for a very long time. i admitted to Daddy that i've been drinking after work, and that i've probably been drinking too much. It leaked over into my visit, so i needed to be disciplined. Just when Daddy got a new implement, too!!! Stupid little girl!!!

New cane to break in...Daddy warmed me up, which was very kind of Him, but i got some pretty hard whacks when the punishment began. i had to count off 15 strokes, and say "Daddy, thank You for disciplining me," after each lick. When it was over Daddy kissed my forehead and said He didn't want me drinking anymore. He says it's bad for me, and He doesn't want me slipping into that habit any further.

i'm so happy He cares enough for me to set boundaries, and to discipline me when i need it. He knows i want to be good for Him, and that i hate disappointing Him. He also knows i beat myself up for infractions, and He's very comforting after punishments. What more could a little girl want?


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