Sunday, April 6, 2008

To Dream The Impossible Dream...

i have a friend, an old friend, that i've been fucking for years now. He was my first long term fuckship/friendship. We operated in this sort of nether-region of non-monogamous, reliable, passionate, intense sex. He wasn't a just a "booty call", and still isn't. It was more than sex. It would have to be, to have lasted for a little over 12 years. He even fucked me while he was living with his "fiance" of 4 years...I guess we're "friends with benefits".

Daddy knows i play with this friend of mine. Daddy encourages it, actually. Since He travels so much, leaving His little girl alone for long stretches of time, and since His little girl is such a highly sexed creature, i'm permitted to have sex with whoever i want. i think another part of it is Daddy likes to hear about it afterwards. ;)

Daddy and i have begun playing with other boys. Well, more accurately, i've been playing with other boys in Daddy's presence. Daddy watches. It was disappointing the first time; the boy was waaaay too young and completely intimidated by O/our games, tho he was informed of O/our dynamic beforehand. The second guy was a bit older and more experienced with BDSM, but was unable to muster the aggression W/we were looking for. Still, it's a game i enjoyed, and i look forward to refining O/our selection, and improving on the choice.

Which brings me to my "Impossible Dream". Like a Reese's peanut butter cup, i would love to put these 2 great tastes together. The idea of Daddy and Ry in me at the same time gives me chills. i fantasize about T/their 2 huge cocks taking me, using me, stuffing me at the same time. i would love to have Daddy hear how i can make Ry gasp and moan with pleasure. i want to have Daddy see, in person, how far i can take Ry's cock, to have Daddy see how wet i get with Ry, how Ry makes me cum so hard and for so long. i think Daddy would like to hear my moans and screams.

i imagined Ry would like it, too. He's so proud of his sexual prowess, and he rarely passes up an opportunity to fuck me. Ry and i have seriously electric sex. From the first time we ever banged to the most recent date we've had, we have always had phenomenal sex. Ry was the first guy to make me ejaculate, and the first guy i had anal with. i figured he would jump at the chance to do something kinky with me.

But it seems Ry has proprietary feelings over me. Ry still wants to be able to do things to my body that Daddy has forbidden, namely anal sex and fucking me without a condom. Ry is jealous of Daddy's rights, and it bothers him that i do what Daddy tells me. Ry thinks that i'm not the "ballsy girl I used to know". Which isn't true, particularly with him.

Ry doesn't understand why Daddy is so willing to allow others to have me. Ry said that if i was his, he'd horde me away, and not give other guys the chance to get near me. And that's a strange thing for him to say, considering when we were first together, he was a total man-slut. Ry and i have never been exclusive, in fact, except for the first months of us knowing each other, either one or both of us has been with other people, even while we continued to have sex.

Daddy allows me to play with Ry whenever i want, but He doesn't think that it's a good idea for him to play with U/us. Ry's jealousy seems to be the main reason. Daddy doesn't like that Ry's been trying to get into my ass. Cajoling and trying to make deals to achieve his goal of anal sex. Ry said he would fuck me in front of Daddy if he could do my ass. Daddy didn't like that, and that appears to have been the end of it... HaHaa

So, i have only my imagination to live out this fantasy. A pity, because it would be so goddamn hot! Daddy and Ry resemble each other superficially...dark hair, pale skin, thin athletic builds. They also resemble each other in personality, sometimes it freaks me out when i hear Ry say things that Daddy would or has said to me. They talk the same sometimes, and they're both artists, both judgmental, both intelligent and creative. They're both narcissists, concerned with appearances.

The irony is that Ry is kinda on the sadistic side. Ry enjoys giving me pain, biting, smacking, squeezing, and pounding me very hard with his prince albert pierced cock. That piercing really tears me apart. i feel it for days...Daddy is more subtle. He gives me pain, but not often, Daddy likes control not so much inflicting pain.

T/their differences and similarities all add up to an extremely fulfilling fuckfest for me, but i doubt i could ever get either one to do it. It's really is too bad...


persephone said...

i think my owners would respond exactly the same way that your daddy did. it says something that ry can't respect your dynamic and your daddy's authority. it seems like it would be toxic to allow him into your sacred space. if only you could find someone with whom you had the same kind of electricity, but who could have respect for your place as your daddy's little girl. :)

Laani said...

thanx for offering your 2 cents persy!
i don't know how "sacred" O/our games are, but i think i get your meaning.
It truly is a pity, i think if the 2 of T/them could get over whatever it is that creates that hurdle that forbids T/them from "using" me...
Gosh...mebbe it's one of those things that is only to remain in the realm of fantasy...BUT DAMN!