Saturday, May 10, 2008

Boys Against Girls

my trip to Vegas to be with Daddy for the weekend was a complete success!! Huzzah!

Daddy's friends M and J liked me very much, particularly M. i even got along with L, the girl J flew in as his companion for the weekend. Getting along with Daddy's friends/business partners was the thing that had me the most nervous about the trip. i had never met them before, and Daddy had told me that M would have lots of questions for me about Daddy's and my D/s.

The first night W/we went out to dinner at a really awesome sushi place, Osaka. Daddy, M, and i had alot of fun discussing J and L. i had met L briefly before she and J left for their own evening out, but i hadn't really gotten an impression of her. Daddy and M weren't terribly impressed by her, and i tried not to be too influenced by what T/they said. i didn't want to be unfair to her, maybe she was as nervous about meeting J's friends as i was to meet Daddy's, and hadn't made the best impression because of it. i could understand that.

After T/they gave me the lowdown on J and L, M began a relentless questioning that lasted the rest of the night. It wasn't so much interrogation as boundless curiosity, and he was very charming and accepting. i think M was even a little impressed. i told him that i can have my own ideas and opinions of things, and Daddy even allows me to be a bit of a smartass, as long as it doesn't get out of hand, because i think He enjoys it. i told M that i found submission liberating, that it freed me from having to make decisions all the time. That Daddy's the boss, and that i feel comfortable settling into that, that it makes me feel safe.

At that point M called his girlfriend so i could tell her that. Daddy said i had to talk to her even tho i had never met her! But she was, surprisingly easy to talk to, and she was funny and outgoing , and teasingly told me not to let T/them push me around. Daddy didn't get angry about that, but just laughed. i was glad about that, because she really did sound like a fun person, and i don't think Daddy minded me listening to her say that. Daddy knew it was just her being friendly.

You wouldn't believe what T/they did to me at dinner tho!!! Daddy pays close attention to my alcohol intake when i am with Him, and i only drink what He permits me to have. W/we got some beers and a bottle of saki with dinner, and Daddy had poured me some of each. W/we all chatted easily, and i was trying to be as articulate as possible about D/s for M. i finished my glass of beer, and M poured me another. Up until that point i had only drank what Daddy had given me with His own hands, so i looked over to Daddy to ask if it was ok for me to drink it.

M said for me to just drink the beer, nevermind Daddy. But Daddy asked me if i was going to listen to M. i said of course not, and then Daddy said that i wasn't allowed to, but He used His stern voice. i was confused by His tone. i was being good, why was Daddy using His stern voice?

Then M picked up the glass of beer and put it to my mouth. i clamped my lips shut and tried to pull my head back away from the glass. Daddy was saying not to drink the beer, and to let it pour down my chin before i let it into my mouth. M was telling me to drink. i felt some beer drip down my cleavage, and i was scared i'd smell like beer all night.

Then i felt M pinch my nose closed, and i closed my eyes. i just concentrated on sitting very, very still. i kept my lips tight together, and i could feel the cold beer against my mouth. i didn't hear M or Daddy anymore. i didn't think about people watching us. i didn't even think about my inability to breathe. All i thought about was not drinking that fucking beer.

i don't know how long it went on. It felt like forever , but the whole thing couldn't have been more than a few minutes. M released my nose and the glass disappeared. i think Daddy said something like, "good girl" and "I told you she wouldn't drink it." i think i heard that, i'm not sure. i wiped my mouth and realized where W/we were, and i said "Y/you two are gonna get U/us all arrested!" and all 3 of U/us laughed.

Daddy told me that M later said that while T/they were "scening" with me he felt that time stood still, and the rest of the restaurant disappeared. Until i heard that i hadn't realized i had gone into subspace. i always get so fuzzy when i go into it, and i don't always realize until afterwards that i've been in subspace. Apparently, M had experienced his first foray into Domspace that night with me and Daddy.

i don't know if they had pre-planned the scene. Daddy wouldn't usually take such big risks in public. Anyone of those people in the restaurant could've jumped to my "rescue". During O/our scene the entire restaurant fell silent, and W/we were sitting at the bar, so all the sushi chefs had a front row seat! LMAO No doubt they were all put at ease when i cracked a joke and the 3 of U/us laughed, and W/we probably gave them a great story to recount to friends. lol

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Anonymous said...

Sigh... What a good girl, your Daddy must have been so very proud of you!

Thank you for allowing your blog readers a front row seat as well, I thoroughly enjoyed the scene :)