Monday, October 6, 2008

Maybe I'm Amazed

M and I are snuggling in my bed as the morning light invades my apartment. The night before he had made thorough use of my cunt and mouth; giving me the cum I had been daydreaming of gobbling up. His hands roam over my body and between my thighs while we speak to each other with hushed voices. I'm enjoying the intimacy, and am becoming aroused from the attention his fingers are paying to my clit.

"I told you the other day that I was going to fuck your ass even if you didn't prepare yourself. Do you remember that?"

"Yes, but I can't give myself an enema with you here. It's embarrassing."

"I'd like you to go clean yourself," he says kissing my forehead, "I'm asking you nicely."

"'s...embarassing," I whisper breathlessly. His fingertip is slowly and rhythmically stroking my soaked clit as he asks me "nicely" to make my ass ready to get fucked. It arouses me even more to think of what he might do to ask not nicely.

"I want you to go give yourself an enema. That's not a request. Will you do that for me?"

His mouth is so close to my face I can feel his breathe on my skin. My head is swimming, I can't manage to say yes, so I just nod a little bit. He kisses my mouth; running his velvet tongue across my lips.

"Good girl," he murmurs while kissing me, "You're a very good girl."

And he dips his head down between my thighs, spreading my legs open and up, so my ass comes up off of the mattress. His tongue is on my already throbbing clit, and I feel his right index finger slide into my cunt. Then I feel his his left index finger following the right's lead. He stretches my hole open a bit, and I struggle against the mix of pain and vulnerability. He holds me more firmly in place, continuing to keep me open, sucking on my twitching clit, sending searing bolts of lightning through my limbs. I shudder and clamp the walls of my cunt tight around his fingers.

When he releases me I go into the bathroom to administer the enema. When I'm on the toilet I pray he doesn't hear the sounds of my being emptied. Since I usually bathe after enemas, I ask if he would like to join me in the shower. I wash him first, then myself, and when I'm rinsed he lifts my leg up and pushes his cock into me as I cling to his shoulders. He spins me around and takes me from behind up against the wall and I bend over to receive as much of him as I can.

We dry off and climb back into bed, and I become shy about what's to come. He put me on my hands and knees, with a hard slap to my ass for encouragement. He takes my right hand and places it on my right ass cheek.

"Do you know what I want you to do?" he whispers into my ear.

"No," I answer, hoping he won't ask for what I think he will.

"Put your finger into your ass," and he takes my hand again and pours lube onto my fingers.

I'm nervous because I've never fingered my own ass before. It hurts when others do it, but I enjoy being dealt pain. I don't enjoy giving myself pain, however. I enter my ass slowly. He sits directly behind me, and I can feel his eyes on me. His fingers begin stroking my clit again, and again I'm wet from humiliation.

"Put another finger in. I want you to use two," his voice travels from behind me.

I only hesitate for a split second, in for a penny in for a pound, right?

The bed shifts as he gets up onto his knees and enters my cunt. I can feel him through the flesh separating our bodies. I try to visualize what it appears like inside of me, my own fingers filling my ass while M's cock slides in and out of my cunt. I was in awe of the novelty of the sensation.

When he replaced my fingers with his slippery cock, I thought my fingers would have loosened my ass up a bit. I was wrong. It was the same lovely tearing, stretching pain that always occurs when we have anal.

When the initial hurt subsides, I always beg him to fuck me harder and deeper so I can feel the pain again. Sometimes I get the added treat of his hand squeezing my throat, pulling my head back and getting him that much deeper into me. He has told me he enjoys that I do that, that I encourage him to be as fierce and relentless with my ass as he's allowed to be with my cunt or mouth.

When he cums, grunting and cursing, he collapses on top of me. And then he kisses me several times on my mouth. And I ask him if he liked it.

"Sex with you is amazing."

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