Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Talk Dirty To Me 3

Last night was the monthly meeting of The Erotic Literary Salon, and this time I had to attend all by my lonesome. Devo had a drama erupt prompted by the last salon, so he was letting this one go unattended. I had asked a few people to come with me, but all had prior plans. Astrid was supposed to meet me there, and bring something she wrote to read, but ended up getting embroiled in some drama of her own. M was going to meet me after band practice, but he's been inundated with work, and was feeling too overwhelmed to see me.

I had asked M what he thought I should read, and he had suggested that Lullaby was a good piece. Since I still don't have any ink for my printer I spent 45 minutes writing it out in longhand, editing for time as I went along. Previously M had said that if I sent him an email containing the piece I wanted to read he'd print it out at work for me, but I wasn't going to see him before the salon, so I kicked it old school and busted out the paper and pen.

I showed up a little late, but I barely had time to sit down and order a drink before I was called up to read. I hadn't had as much time as I usually do to review my piece, and do a few run thrus in my head and out loud before I went up. My reading was a less smooth than usual, but it was well received. Susanna, the woman who runs the event, was very happy to see me attending again, and sweetly hugged me before I went up to read.

Afterwards, I chatted with other attendees, and they were very complimentary about the piece, and previous pieces, I'd performed. I might be developing a bit of a fan base, a lady came up to me and told me that I had inspired her after last month's meeting. I gave out my blog's address, and I hope to get feedback from the folks kind enough to poke around here. It's very validating to have what I think of as one of my lesser talents so well received in such a public way.

There were alot of good readings. I was particularly impressed by a writer named Candy. She first attended last month, and the piece she read was very witty and sexy. She has the talent Devo has for injecting humor into an erotic story without taking away from the sexiness. And the piece she read last night, unfortunately I cannot recall the name, was hilarious, sexy, irreverent and satirical. It was an unrepentant "other woman" monologue, and I hope it gets posted somewhere so I can set up a link to it.

It was another wonderful time, but I do wish I hadn't had to go alone. It's much more fun when I get to catch up with Devo during the salon. And it's even more fun when I get to release all that static sexual energy that builds up during the salon with M. The last time we spent the night together after the salon I ejaculated. I'm not sure it had to do with having heard, and read, sexy stories all night, but it couldn't have hurt.

There's always next month, I suppose.

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Anonymous said...

Hi. I just read all of your posts on one page that my browser would allow. I came across your blog, read the latest post, and couldn't stop. A lot of people are wonderful writers, but there's something about your style that satisfies me greatly. I get a good sense of your emotions in your posts, and I can relate to some extent which is always nice. Just wanted to let you know I think you're fabulous!