Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Lg's Project Orgasm

I was graciously invited by lg to participate in her Project Orgasm Series, and I would first like to thank her for her confidence and flattering invitation. She, along with persephone, have been very friendly and encouraging of my writing from the very beginning of the venture. Thank you both for your comments and reflections.

I was asked to write about my experience with my female ejaculation, or "squirting", and while I was pleased, it did give me pause. It's a controversial subject, some people don't think it exists, some people think it's just pee, and science still has nothing definitive to say about it. Regardless of all that, it's happened to me. I'm here to try to explain what it's like for me, and maybe even help a few gals to have one. ;)

"It's kind of awesome."

I remember the first time it happened, I was horrified. Like most women, I thought I had pissed all over my partner. I was on top, riding a very large cock, grinding away, slamming him so deep inside of me I could feel him in my stomach. This particular lover would spend a long time playing with me before the actual fucking began, and this time was no exception. As I impaled myself on his cock I began to feel my face and chest flush. There was probably pain involved, something I had yet to fully explore, due to his size and my enthusiastic bouncing, but I'm certain that only added to my pleasure. As the intensity of the orgasm built, I felt an irritation, not unlike the tingling I feel when I have to pee. I became concerned that if I came I would end up pissing all over my partner, but it was feeling way too good to stop.

And then the sloshing sound...Beneath me was a puddle of fluid. It was more like water, thinner, than my pussy lubrication. And it was all over; covering him from navel to mi-thigh and soaking the bed. I collapsed on top of him, trying to catch my breath and completely humiliated. That's when my, more experienced, partner informed me of what I had just experienced. I'd had orgasms before, at that time mostly with myself, but had never ejaculated before. I had heard of it, but had never experienced it. I was relieved that it wasn't piss, and and fell asleep happy with my new discovery.

My squirting is infrequent enough, tho not exactly rare, that I have had to piece together over time what it is that creates the phenomenon in me. Prolonged clitoral stimulation until orgasm during foreplay helps to get me over the initial orgasm "hump", I orgasm much easier after that first one. Being on top is the position I squirt most frequently, tho I have had them while on my back. Also, for me, "squirting" is a bit of a misnomer because it's more of a "deluge" than discernible "spurts". The next piece of the puzzle is a bit of a personal controversy for me, because I seem to be more likely to cum like this if I've had a few drinks. Now, I'm not sure if this helps with any inhibitions I may harbor, or if the alcohol contributes to the stimulation of my urethra, but there's some correlation there. Most importantly, I need that spot way in the back, on the anterior wall of my cunt stimulated relentlessly, even painfully.

I asked M, my current boyfriend and for whom I'm the first girl to do this, what his thoughts were about my "squirting" in preparation for this post. I've had more ejaculating orgasms with M than any other partners I've had, and the partner I've discussed it with most, so he's had more opportunities to form an opinion. He informs me his first reaction was to think that I had pissed, in his bed no less, but that he quickly realized, "Oh wait, that's not pee pee." He was dismayed that he hadn't seen it happen.

Now that he's become accustomed to it, M looks forward to them. They're still unique enough that he considers them "a pleasant surprise. [a] hot surprise." He called them, in a recent conversation, "a flashing marquee that says, 'NEXT LEVEL' is going off" and "more specifically, it's really hot". When I asked him to describe them from his point of view, he replied, "You're really grinding me at that point, and because of logistics, its not immediately apparent. You keep getting wetter and wetter, you can hear the squishing, and my balls are covered in warm fluid. Then, 10 seconds later it starts spraying EVERYWHERE. And you don't stop, you don't even notice. You just keep fucking me into oblivion. I get covered in a warm wetness, and it is pleasurable because your cunt is also constricting. And lady cum is going everywhere. " I thought "lady cum" was a cute way to describe it. ;)

It fills him with pride to be able to make me orgasm like this, and I'm happy that I make him feel good with what, for me, is an earth shattering orgasm. Some guys don't "believe" in the female ejaculating orgasm, and they can be kinda shitty about it, but I think those are just guys that haven't experienced it. But I think most guys would enjoy having something so rare happen to them. One of M's friends even expressed jealousy because he had never had a girl cum with him like that.

I feel pride in it, too. It was a source of some embarrassment and anxiety, at first, but now I realize how special and unique it is. Feeling that much pleasure is nothing to be ashamed of, and to give that much pleasure to someone who can appreciate it for the amazing experience it is, makes it that much hotter.


katt said...

amazing post! i read lg and persephone, and i've been internet stalking your blog for awhile hehe. thank you for sharing =]

littlegirl said...

girl, this post is seriously hot. i can't believe you ever doubted it.

i am on a mission to have one of these some day. if i read you right, what i need is a guy who will give me some serious clit stim, followed by intense, girl on top fucking with his giant cock.

not too tall an order?

Laani said...

Thank you, katt, for your comment and e-stalking! ha ha ha No need to stalk, tho, you're welcome to comment whenever you like. :)

Lg, it was fun to write, even when I did worry that it would end up sounding too "dry". ;)
It's not completely necessary to have a big cock, I don't think, but I do believe the "key" is to have deep penetration focused on the "front" or anterior wall of your cunt. It's near the back, just before the cervix. A big cock will probably hit there, but fingers could do the trick too!

Anonymous said...

i LOVE your writing, laani! this was an amazing post, too. i too want to know what it's like, although i'm scared at the same time! your description definitely put me a little closer, i think. i'm such a wuss about the uncomfortable feelings. but... some day, who knows? eek! :) and yay, i am just reading project orgasm and it's so fun!!