Wednesday, December 16, 2009

To Meet With An External Force

I think a type of orgasm that may have been overlooked in Project Orgasm, tho lg did make passing mention of it in one of her original posts, is multiple orgasms. And just to make it a bit more specific; forced multiple orgasms. I've written about how if I get an O in during foreplay all my other orgasms can come much, much easier, but the forced ones are different.

The first time I was forced to orgasm was with "Daddy". He bound my ankles together with rope and looped the rope all the way up my legs, encasing them. He bound my wrists behind my back and tied up my breasts and upper arms. I felt like a caterpillar cocooned in rope lying on the floor of his playspace.

I thought that would be the extent of it. At the time he was doing alot of practicing rope bondage on me, and he'd tie me to the bed, to the medical chair, to myself, and just admire his handiwork or adjust something, or take pictures. This time he grabbed the hitachi and nestled the handle in the gap between my thighs and the rope with the bulb pressed up against my pussy lips and clit. He flipped the switch and walked out of the room, down the stairs, and back to his work, leaving me there to twist and writhe on the floor.

I came over and over, unable and unwilling, to dislodge the tormenting vibrator. I had no specific instructions to cum or not, no directives of how to endure the delicious torture. I just went with it, allowed myself to give in to the building waves of flaming pleasure. I was sweating and I could feel the hair at my neck and forehead sticking to me. My hips weren't bound so I was able to slide my cunt back and forth over the smooth shivering head of the vibe. The crease of my thighs was slick with the combination of my sweat and overflowing cunt.

I wasn't aware of it, but I was told later I was being checked on periodically by "Daddy". And after I don't know how long, or how many orgasms, he came in and switched off the hitachi. I laid there panting and blushing under his smirking gaze, my chest straining against the rope as I tried to regain normal breathing. He left me again, but this time informed me that I was to get myself unbound, tend to the rope, and then come downstairs. My legs were still unsteady as I made my way down the flight of stairs to the first floor.

M does forced orgasms a bit differently, as you may imagine. He doesn't use implements on me often, and I don't think he's inclined to be absent for my orgasms. Instead he uses a combination of his voice and body to force me to orgasm over and over. It's not as "simple" as persephone's "countdown" orgasms. Not that I mean to imply those are easy, I know it took a long time of intense training for her to be able to produce them. I only mean to say I require penetration and touch in addition to M's voice to achieve this. M's forced orgasms are more subtle than what "Daddy" did.

It begins with an embrace, his body pressed along the left side of my body. He'll wedge his leg between mine and slide his left hand across my hip towards my cunt. The leg he has hooked around mine pulls back taking my legs along with it, spreading me open for him to explore me more easily.

While he positions me more advantageously, he murmurs into my ear. He'll talk about the sex we'd just had, how my cunt feels under his fingers, what he enjoys doing to me, how pretty he thinks I am, how slutty I am for him, and on and on. A steady stream of flattery and dirty talk pouring into my ears and running thru my body, pooling into a puddle between my thighs. The words and the physical attention feeding each other to increase the hunger building in my pussy. The effect of his whispers and his touch on my body gives him more fodder to tease me about my wantonness.

Sometimes M will just continue to manually stimulate me until I cum so many times I involuntarily push his hand away. Other times, and most recently, it's led to him creeping down my body to force my legs open and latch his mouth onto my cunt. This is my favorite time to receive oral from him; once I've already been aroused.

I'm not entirely sure of what he's doing with his mouth, but I'll attempt to describe what it feels like. At first he closes his lips around my clit, using his top lip to keep the hood back further exposing my already bursting clit. His tongue feels wide, as opposed to pointed, and velvety. I can't take ferocious licking, it feels painful, so he uses these long luxurious licks beginning at the base of my clit, over the round tip, along the top, and then back underneath again.

Every so often it feels as though he puckers his mouth into a kiss gathering the skin of my hood to cover my clit, and then spreads his mouth open, working my lips apart and pulling my hood back again with his tongue gliding along everything at once. That's seems to be when he reintroduces his hand; sliding 2 fingers into my, by now, sopping cunt, hooking them in that familiar "hook" shape all the gals love.

Usually, by that point I've already cum a bunch of times. The lower half of his face is glistening with my juices, and there's a wet spot under my ass. My hips are lifting up off the bed, my head is thrashing around, my fingers are buried in the curls of his hair, my hand cups his cheek and chin, my chest expands and contracts rapidly with my heavy breathing, and I'm making whimpering, mewling little noises in between begging him not to stop until I collapse into a shuddering pile beneath him.

Another way he forces orgasms out of me is when I'm on top of him. My favorite way being when he reaches up and clamps both of his hands around my throat as he thrusts up into me. His brows are knitted together, furrowed in intense concentration, and he'll growl at me to cum as I grind my cunt down on him. He'll allow me a second of reprieve after I've had one, nudge back into an upright position, and growl to, "Do it again." I've had squirting, as well as multiple, orgasms like this with M. When he's gotten as many as he wants, he pushes me onto my back and slams into me until he reaches his own orgasm.

Once, and I masturbate to this experience all the time, M had me on my back while he sat up. He used one hand to hold the hood of my clit back, rolling a finger over my clit as if it were a marble, while he slowly slid his cock in and out of my pussy. The rhythm of his finger was slightly faster than the leisurely stroking of his cock, and I could feel every inch of him filling me. It was an exhilarating juxtaposition, having him easing in deeply, while my clit was plucked and caressed into an electric burning. I could feel my cunt gripping down on him, pulsing uncontrollably as he forced orgasm after orgasm out of me.

From some folks perspective "Daddy's" forced orgasms were more classically administered than M's. M is in direct physical contact with me, and "Daddy" let the rope, hitachi, and the "mind fuck" of it do it's work. But the way I define the forced orgasms is a sort of detachment that all the experiences have in common. It's not a complete withdrawal, both were "with" me on some level, but they were "sitting back", observing me, coaxing the orgasms out of me over and over, and I am toyed with and used.

Which isn't to say that I want a cold distant lover, that doesn't turn me on at all. A musician cherishes his instrument, cares for it, practices it, it's an instrument to be played for the enjoyment of the maestro. I become a conduit of pleasure for my player, strummed and plucked and manipulated to elicit a response. I sing, I hum, I vibrate.

It's not up to me, I was forced to.

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littlegirl said...


this was beautifully written, and OMG. i think i'll be thinking about your "tied up and left on the floor to writhe in a puddle of girljuice" scenario the next time i come.

forced orgasms are hot.