Sunday, January 26, 2014

Diversion or An afternoon with the guys Part 2

Wherein Our Heroine Continues Dominating Her Pet Under the Watchful Eye of Her Dominant

A continuation of submission

My pet walks into the bedroom with downcast eyes and climbs onto the bed gracefully. It's one of the things I enjoy most about him. The powerful and sleek gracefulness of his body, fettered for me to wield. I know he's naturally inclined to be aggressive, but for me he's a tamed panther. 

I stand in front of his bowed head and tuck a lock of his hair behind his ear and run my finger along his jaw. I lean down with my mouth close so he can feel my breath blow across ear," Does knowing he's watching make you nervous, pet? It's fine if it's just me staring at you, but what if there's another man? Are you ashamed? I don't think you are. I think you like it," murmuring into his ear. I straighten up and turn towards my bag. 

"I'm going to give you a choice, pet," I tell him while riffling thru my bag, "You can either keep your eyes closed or I can blindfold you." 

As I'm speaking to my fuck toy, I pull 2 pieces of thick pipe out of my bag. Both of the pipes have a leather buckled cuff lined with fleece on an end, and one of the other ends is threaded. I screw the 2 pieces together as I continue. 

"I will tell you I much prefer you to keep your eyes closed, if you must. I don't want to use the blindfold. I want to play with your hair and it will get in the way of that. I'm giving you a choice...But you do want to make me happy, don't you?" My good pet nods slowly. 

"And you know what I prefer?" He nods slowly again. 

"So, you'll give me what I want, won't you?" Again he nods assent. 

"Splendid! Lie down face up with your head at the foot of the bed and spread your legs." 

I pull a 10 ft bundle of black cotton rope and walk to the side of the bed. I place the spreader bar between my pet's feet and run my fingers from his soles, along his instep, and over his tensed calves. I walk beside the edge of the bed making my way towards his head dragging my fingers along the inside of his thigh. Before I land on his balls I skirt around his groin and twist my body so that I am at the foot of the bed with my legs placed on either side of his upturned face. My fingers are splayed across his stomach and I claw my hand up his belly to his nipple. I lay the bundle of rope between his pecs and use both of my hands to tug at his erect nipples. I alternate between sharp pinches and gently rolling them under my palms. 

My pet squirm and I palm his shoulders pressing them down on the mattress, and admonish," Don't move. No writhing and no squirming. Be pliant. Be obedient. Here, I'll give some focus for admiration." I lift the hem of my dress and drop it down under his chin tenting his head between my thighs. 

"That's better. Now there's nothing to distract you from where your attention should be."

I bring my thighs closer together and reach under my skirt to shove my fingers in his mouth. I draw my fingers out and plunge them into my still dripping cunt. I turn my head to watch you as I worked them in and out. My eyes go half lidded as I imagine it's your fingers inside of me. I stare at your hands picturing what they'll do to me later. What my reward will be if I please. What my punishment will be if I disappoint. It turns me on so much and I bring myself right to the edge of cumming, but when you shake your head "No" I stop just short of release.

I straighten again and cast a look down my pet's body to his cock. He's completely hard again so watching me finger myself inches away from his face must have distracted him from any shyness he may have harbored. He deserves a treat for that so as I step back from the bed I draw my run my slick fingers along the seam of his lips and tell him, "Good boy. Stay." 

I take a few steps towards you and put my hands on the armrests on either side of the chair. I notice that you've finished your drink and have begun working on mine. I kiss along your jaw and lick at your earlobe," I need the chair a moment, baby." 

You cup the back of my head and stand. When you're fully upright my face is level with your crotch. You pull me towards you and my lips are pressed against your straining cock. I can feel how hard you are thru your jeans. You hold me like that for a moment, grinding hard enough to make it difficult to breathe. When you let me go I give a small gasp. As I try to quickly regain my composure you give me a sardonic little smile. 

I pick up the chair and place it with it's back against the wall facing the foot of the bed. There's about 3 feet from the end of the mattress to the wall. And the seat of the chair is about 2 feet from the bed. I again motion for you to sit. I climb onto the bed and crawl between my pets legs and reach for the spreader bar. The only sound is the clicking of the buckles and the deep breathing of my pet," Hands above your head, pet. Wrists together." 

Once the bar is secure I slide off and return to the foot of the bed. While I'm straddling my fuck toy's face, I grab the bundle of rope and unwind it. I grip his wrists and loop the rope around. I wind the rope tight and pass the loose end between his wrists. I tug it tight and pull his hands over his head. 

"Bend your elbows," I whisper into his ear. I kneel down and tie the loose ends the cross rung connecting the chairs legs. Once I've secured the knot I look up at you and smile. You take another sip of your drink and give my nose a tweak. 

"I'm going to fuck you, little pet. I'm going to cum all over that cock," I inform my pet as I dig thru my bag once again. I find the bottle of lube and the rubber butt plug and I climb onto the bed and drop the plug between the toy's legs. I settle myself in the triangle created with the spreader bar and the toy's body. My pet is still hard as I drizzle the lube down the shaft of his crotch and into the crease of his ass. 

I stroke his cock,"Pet, I'm getting you ready for me. I'm going to use you to get off. Don't say a word, and don't move. You're a warm dildo for me to use to get off." 

My fingers glide between his ass cheeks and I tickle at his asshole as I grab hold of the bar and pull it towards his body. His knees are splayed with his feet close to his ass. I say to my pet, "I want you to turn over. Twist your hips fist, " I say as I continue to grip the bar,"Then your shoulders. And turn over onto your stomach. 

I keep the bar up close to his body maneuvering it to help him turn over. Now my pet's asshole is opened wide. I've already greased it up and it's begging me to enter. I press the plug against his tight hole, and I hear a soft whine as the plug forces past that first tight ring. I sink it into his hole securely and admonish, "You mustn't let it slip out. You keep that in you, pet. Be a good boy for me. Now, on your back again." 

Once I have him on his back I can't wait any longer. My cunt is aching to be filled. I climb onto my pet, aim his cock for my dripping pussy, and sink down onto him, I savor every inch as he fills me and stretches me to accommodate his girth. I feel him deep in my stomach and it makes me catch my breathe. The walls of my cunt clamp down on him and I start to rock back and forth rubbing the head of his cock against that spot deep inside of me. 

"O, fuck. O, fuck," I can't help but moan. My senses are overloading and the blood is rushing thru my head. I can't hear or see anything but stinging pleasure. It's so difficult to keep him from slipping out, my juices are fucking everywhere. I don't care or notice how slippery I've become. All I want is that white hot lightening orgasm that will make me scream. 

When I cum it crashes over me in waves and I cry out. It's moans and grunt, completely unintelligible. I'm just a wet, spent animal who thoroughly fucked herself on a hard ride. 

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