Monday, January 27, 2014

Diversion or Afternoon with the guys Part 4

Wherein Our Alpha Hero Continues His Reclaiming of Our Heroine


I dry off quickly and slowly crawl into the bedroom where you're sitting on the bed. Your cock is still out and it's semi-erect. My mouth waters and I'm hungry to swallow you again. I know better than to ask for it, tho. You'll give it to me if you want to and only when you're ready. 

"Climb onto the bed and lay across me lap." 

I obey and I can feel the roughness of denim under my thighs, the heat from your body seeping thru, and the hard girth of your cock pressing into my belly. I moan and bury my face into the mattress. I feel vulnerable being naked against your fully clothed body. Images of me taking my pet into my cunt flood my mind, and I'm ashamed of my wantonness. You place one hand on the back of my neck pinning me down, and the other caresses my ass in lazy circles as you begin to speak. 

"You were smart not to let him near your ass. That would have been going much too far," and a loud smack echoes thru the room when you bring your palm down onto the cheek of my ass. The sting spreads and the burning sensation concentrates where your hand landed. I can feel the outline of the hand print on my skin. I picture the blood rushing to the surface just as another smack lands on the cheek. 

Over and over you lay the blows all over my flesh. Occasionally one lands just under my cheek, on the crease between thigh and ass. I try to be still, but my breathing is labored. I attempt to get it under control; slow, deep breathes while bunching up the blankets in my hands. I muffle my yelps and squeals, biting my lips sore. I discipline myself to keep from trying to get away, and instead lift my ass up towards the blows. You press me back down onto your lap and grind your cock against my stomach instead and continue your assault on my bottom. 

My flesh is on fire and I know I'll have marks in the morning. I'm pleased with that. I want to bear your marks. I want to go about my day knowing that underneath my clothes you have left a sign of your ownership. I wear your bites and bruises like some women wear gifts of jewelry. I keep our secrets on my skin. 

You lift me up under my arms and lay me ob my back. I'm boneless as I melt into the mattress with a sigh. I look up at you dreamily and smile. You grace me with a smile back running your finger over my swollen bottom lip and say, "You're not done yet, little girl. I've taken this mouth but you have 2 more holes that need to be filled. Take my cock into your mouth, make me hard all the way. I want to claim what's mine." 

Heady with desire and pleasurable pain, I reach for your cock and stroke as I move into a kneeling position. I suck you all the way into my mouth until the head of your cock hits the back of my throat. I relax my reflex a bit more and I feel you slide a bit further down, the angle of your cock dipping slightly. I grip your hips clinging to you as I slide my lips up and down your spit slicked shaft. Your hands grip my breasts and run along my sides, over my ribs and across my flaming cheeks and then between to caress my damp cunt. 

The landscape of my body is stretched in front of you and you take advantage of my exposed asshole. You dip one finger into my tight hole and when I begin to squirm your other hand returns to the back of my head to hold me in place. I moan against your cock and return my attention solely to pleasuring you with my mouth. I submit to the exploring fingers opening my asshole. I know I will submit happily to more soon. 

You begun to thrust into my face with increasing urgency and it's all I can do to keep up, trying to breathe and not gag on your thickness. The whole world contracts until all there is is your cock pistoning my face, battering my throat. Over and over. I'm going to be raw tomorrow. Every swallow will remind me of how you used me. 

You've removed your finger from my asshole and are cupping my chin as you relentlessly power into my mouth until you flood it with cum. I cough and choke trying to swallow it all but I can't. I open my mouth wide to catch as much as I can as you continue to cum grunting and moaning above me. 

"Swallow it all," you say between breathes, "Even what you didn't catch in that sexy little mouth of your's I want you to lap up. Clean off my cock and my stomach. Use your fingers to gather up the cum splashed across your cheeks and chin, and don't forget your neck and tits. Lick up any cum that spilled onto the bed. You're a hungry little cum slut, aren't you? Show me how hungry you are, baby." 

I do as I'm told and efficiently and eagerly clean up every drop. I lick your stomach clean and suck on your fingers. I lovingly clean off your shaft and a stray drop that landed on your thigh. I use both of my hands to swipe every streak of cum off of my cheeks and chin; I gather up what has dribbled down onto my breasts with my fingertips, hungrily devouring it all. 

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