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Diversion or An afternoon with the guys Part 1

Wherein We Meet Our Heroine, Our Alpha Hero and Our Beta Hero

An introduction to objectification

You and I enter a hotel room and put our bags down. I call down to the front desk immediately and ask for more towels to be sent up. I'm in a white linen wrap dress with wedge sandals. You're wearing dark denim jeans and a white t-shirt. You make us both a drink as I answer the door and accept the stack of requested towels from the maid and place them on the counter next to the sink.

I'm feeling giddy and nervous and soooo excited. My whole body is humming with anxiety and anticipation. Sipping my drink I look at you and smile, and you kiss me and tell me how much your looking forward to playing.

When I answer a knock at the door our guest, and my living sex doll, arrives. He's tall with long black hair down his back. He's broad-shouldered and lean, dark eyed and olive skinned. I put my arms around his neck and kiss his cheek.

"Come in to the bathroom, pet, and take off your clothes," I whisper into his ear.

He enters the bathroom, and I open the shower curtain to turn on the water. I get the water to a comfortable temperature just as he's pulling off his underwear. He's standing up straight before me with his back to the mirror, and I can see his muscular back and high tight ass reflected back at me. I run my hands from his shoulder down the lengths of his back, digging my fingers into the flesh of his ass cheeks. I grip him hard and drag my nails lightly across the skin. I don't want to mark him yet. I want his skin smooth and polished for now.

"Take some of these towels and put them under the bathmat along the side of the tub. Then get into the shower, pet, and keep the curtain open. Get wet all over. Don't use any of the soap, just soak yourself, " I order as I walk back into the room towards my bag. I take from the bag a shower poof and some shower gel. I place the items on the desk and grab the desk chair, looking into the bathroom. I get the angle of the chair just so. I look over to you and wink motioning you to take a seat.

I've positioned the chair so you can see the full length of the bathroom counter, and in the mirror you can see into the shower. Directly under the spray of the shower head is my toy, drenched from his hair to his toes. I grab the gel and poof heading back towards the bathroom. He turns to me as I reenter and I hand him the poof and gel and hop up onto the side of the counter closest to the doorway. I slide until my back is pressed against the mirror, and you can see me with my toy reflected beside me.

"Use a lot of gel," I say, "I want there to be a lot of...foam," I smirk and cast a quick glance over to you, making sure you see everything that happens.

"Start at your chest, high up, slowly. No, on your shoulder. And run your other hand from the middle of your stomach up and down." He so lovely, like a classical Greek statue, something from antiquity to be placed in a museum and gazed upon. I feel the heat gathering between my legs watching the rivulets of water race across his body.

As he begins I spread my legs, propping my left foot onto the counter. I slide my right hand into my white panties and my clit is already swollen and sensitive. I dip my fingers between the fold of my cunt and run the pad of my middle finger back over my clit. I know you can see my knuckle pressed against the cloth of my panties. Whenever I crook my fingers to gather more of my juices you catch a glimpse of my cunt as the fabric pulls away. I can smell the spicy pear of the bath gel and it mixes with the scent of my own arousal, and I wonder if you can smell it too.

When the river of bubbles runs down his stomach it forks around the curls surrounding his cock, then glides over his balls. The white suds frame his semi-erect cock making the deepening color stand out in stark contrast.

"Lower now. Wash across your stomach. No, from side to side. Now, your hips on either side....No. Don't touch your cock. You're not allowed to touch it until I say you can; you know better than that...Turn around and face the wall. Lift your hair up. Now squeeze the loofah so the suds run down your back."

I work my cunt with my right hand and bring my left up to my breast. I can feel my nipples stiffen and pressing against the sheer linen of my dress. They're darkened and I know they're clearly visible thru the thin material. I draw my hand across my chest into the deep v of my neckline to my other breast. I cup and squeeze and caress the swell of the underside. I close my eyes, lean my head back and gasp. I bite my lip and my nostrils flare.

"Fuck, I adore looking at you. Turn around... Such a lovely body; you look like a statue. It's what you're suited for best. I'm sure you know this. I know you enjoy being looked at... You're such an exhibitionist, you just love to show off, don't you?... Rinse off. Turn the water off. Put your back against the wall facing me. Put your hands behind your head and face the ceiling."

As he obeys I slip off the counter and walk over to where you're sitting. I climb into your lap and press my still soaked fingers to your lips offering you a taste of me. You give them a long lick sucking them into your mouth. You grasp the base of my fingers between your teeth and roll your tongue over and between them getting all of my juices off. Once they're clean you pull my fingers from your mouth with both hands and smile at me before giving me a lazy lick across my lips. I give you a nip at your bottom lip and get up to return to the bathroom. Before you release my hand you give me a quick kiss on my palm and a sharp little bite on my thumb.

He's in position like a good little slave and I stand directly in front of him but with my ass against the edge of the counter. I stare at his cock, still semi erect. I want to touch it. I want to run my fingers along the top of his shaft so I reach out and do just that. When he gasps I tell him, "No. Don't make any noise. Don't move. Not even your hips. Just open your legs a little wider... Yes. I like the way your cock is getting hard for me. Very flattering. But then, it would get hard for me, wouldn't it? Considering how much you like being my hot fleshed dildo," I chuckle. "You can't help yourself. Your balls are tightening as I speak. I'm not even touching you and you have to fight to keep from fucking the air, you're so turned on. You're dying for me to touch you, aren't you?"

He gives a barely audible whimper as I stroke his cock again. He's thickened and lengthened and a bead of pre-cum has formed at the tip of his cock. I use the tip of my index finger to gather it up and spread it all over the bursting head of his cock. His arousal has made the skin taut and shiny, and it's making my mouth water. I want to taste him.

I drop to my knees outside of the tub and reach up to grip him by the ass and pull him to me. As the head of his cock nears my mouth I close my eyes and I can smell the spiced pear and the heat of his crotch. I dig my fingers into his flesh and cast a glance over my shoulder into the mirror. I catch your eye and the corners of your mouth quirk up in a knowing grin. I smile back at you, close my eyes and turn back to my pet cock bobbing with desire in front of my face.

"So eager, " I murmur right before capturing the head between my lips. I roll my tongue over the head and dip my tongue into the slit at the tip and I can taste more pre-cum beginning well up. My pet tries to get me to take more in by moving his hips towards me and groaning.

"NO!" I say sharply, giving his thigh a slap. It's more jarring than painful, but it leaves a very satisfying red replica of my hand on his muscular thigh.

"Hmmmmm...I like the look of that, " I tell my pet admiringly, "...But you know what an proponent I am of symmetry." I give him another corresponding slap on the opposite thigh.

I return my attention to suckling on the cock of my toy. I relax my gag reflex and take him into my mouth, enjoying the feel of him butting up against the back of my throat. My lips are sealed against the curls at the base of his cock and my nose is filled with the scent of him. He smells like heat, and man, spiced pear, and fuck. My saliva makes the hair and the shaft of his cock glisten and I can see my spit starting to drip down to his balls, too. My panties are so soaked they're probably completely transparent by now. I can smell how hot my cunt is, and my clit is throbbing like mad.

My toy is breathing deeply thru his nose and I can see his chest expanding with each jagged breathe. He's trying to maintain control while I suck and draw on his cock even harder. He knows he can't cum without permission, but I enjoy making it as difficult on him as possible. I cup his now slippery balls in my hand, squeezing, and continue to torture him with my mouth. I moan low in my throat knowing the hum will travel up the length of his cock and hit him deep in his belly.

I release his cock from my mouth, but keep his balls tight in my grasp. As I stand up and lean into his ear I begin to stroke his cock with my other hand. "You want to cum so badly, don't you? But you can't. I haven't given you permission. You have to earn your orgasm. You know that...." I whisper continuing to stroke and squeeze. I give my wrist a twist when I get to the head of his cock before I tighten my grasp and slide back down toward the base one last time.

As I reach for a towel and begin to dry my pet off, I speak,"Are you going to earn your orgasm? You've been performing for me so prettily, will you continue? Do you want to please me and earn a reward? Will you be a good boy, and do everything I tell you? Will you continue to submit no matter what?"

I'm answered with a barely perceptible nod and a soft, hardly audible whimper.

"Good boy. Go into the room and kneel on the bed. Head bowed and palms up resting on your thighs."

End Part 1

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