Sunday, January 26, 2014

Diversion or An afternoon with the guys Part 3

Wherein Our Alpha Hero Reasserts His Dominance Over Our Heroine

Marking his property

I untie my little toy and unbuckle the restraints telling him, "Go into the bathroom and get dressed. Don't wash up. I want you to go home covered in my scent. When you get home you can jerk off." 

When my pet comes out of the bathroom I walk him to the door. Just as the door clicks closed I'm pressed against it by your body. Your palms are pressed flat against the door on either side of my head, mouth is beside me ear, and I can feel your hard cock pressed against my ass thru your jeans and my dress. 

"You slut. I didn't know you were going to fuck him. Why did you give him your cunt?" 

"I didn't. I- " 

You shove 2 fingers into my cunt abruptly. I'm not prepared for it, and gasp in shock. You shove them in as far as you can, lifting me up onto my toes. My nipples harden and I can't catch my breathe. 

"This isn't you're cunt to give away, is it?" you growl as your other hand reaches around and tugs at the knot holding my dress closed and yank it off of me. 


You reach up and cup my throat with your free hand and squeeze. "And this isn't your mouth to suck off whomever you choose, is it?" and you shove your fingers covered in my juices into my mouth. 

"Suck, slut. Clean them off. Taste that freshly fucked pussy," you whisper roughly. You're shoving your fingers so far into my mouth I might gag. I'm making little mewling noises as I clean you quickly and thoroughly. I feel your hand release my throat and twist into my hair, spinning me around to face you. You pull my head so far back my knees begin to buckle and I slide to the floor in front of you while your fingers continue their assault on my mouth. 

You lean down with our noses inches from each other and order, "Get into the tub naked. I'm going to mark my little slut so she won't forget who masters that body... And don't walk. I want to watch that ass as you crawl." 

I obey you and crawl into the bathroom. I remove my panties and climb into the tub. You walk to the edge of the tub , but you don't step in. You don't undress. You unbutton your jeans and unzip, push aside your boxer briefs and pull out your cock and I remember the 2 cocktails you consumed while I played with my toy. My head is swimming with the realization of what you'll do. 

"Open your mouth...Whose mouth is this?" you question as I open my mouth to you. 

"Yours, " I manage to breathe just as you unleash a stream of piss into my awaiting mouth. It's warm and slightly bitter. It runs down my chin and neck and you lower your aim to my breasts. 

"Whose tits are these?" 

"Yours..." I answer as I gather them up in my hands to present them to you. The cascade of piss continues. It gathers in my cleavage and runs over my fingers. There's a small amount pooling underneath me. It's cold beneath my ass. 

"Lie back and spread your legs." 

With a sigh I lie back with my knees wide. I lean my head against the wall and close my eyes reveling in your marking me as property. I'm foggy with desire when your voice breaks thru. 

"No, open your eyes. Watch," you order me. You're pissing directly on my cunt washing away the evidence of my previous orgasm. You clear away the memory of me fucking my toy until all I'm thinking of is being possessed by you. 

When you've finished you leave your cock hanging out of your clothes and put your hands on your hips, "Now suck my cock clean." And I take you into my mouth and suck swallowing the little droplets of piss that clung to the head of your cock. I feel your hands on the back of my head forcing my face to be smashed up against your crotch. My nose is filled with the heated scent of you. My chin is pressed against your balls, and as your cock hardens it becomes difficult for me to breathe. I whimper around your cock, but you just press my face closer against you until I can't breathe at all. When you release my head I fall back gasping and sputtering. I rush forward trying to recapture your cock in my mouth, but you step back with a shake of your head. 

"Rinse off, and crawl back into the room. You'll have no doubts about who you belong to when I'm done."

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