Friday, January 24, 2014

Lullaby (Re-post)

"This is what I want," M's thick, desire rich voice coaxes through the phone, "I want you to unlock your door, and turn out all the lights."

"Yes," I whisper, barely audible even to myself.

"I'm going to fuck the shit out of you, then leave. And no talking."


"You're going to be my cum slut. You have 20 minutes to get ready."


I wait in my bed, my heart thumping in my chest. I'm still damp from him instructing me to play with myself while I described to him the fantasies I have of us. I had wanted him to come to me, for him to say "I want to see you," but I hadn't dared ask. It was too late at night, too far away, too spontaneous. And then, he was coming. Here. Now.

I bite my lip, eyes fixed on my door. My ears are pricked, scanning for a footfall, a stair creak. I want to hide. I pull the blankets over my head like a child hiding from the bogeyman. I twist under the sheets, trying to find a cool piece of bed to soothe my burning skin. I can't breathe under the covers, so I pop my head out and resume my anxious vigil.

My door scrapes open and the hall light cuts a bright slash across my wall. I see him in silhouette framed by the doorway. He has no facial expression that I can discern as he walks towards the bed silently. He takes his shirt off and unbuckles his pants as I sit up, letting the blankets fall to my waist.

He pounces on me, curling his fingers around my throat, crushing my lips with his. I fall back on the pillows, and his grip tightens, his kiss becoming more insistent. He ends the kiss abruptly, but continues pinning me down by my throat while his left hand digs into my cunt.

When he climbs onto the bed, settling between my legs, I think he's going to enter me. I sit up to kiss him, but he pushes me back down onto my pillows. The shadow of his face looms above me, and his mouth is on mine again, devouring my lips. My god, what his mouth feels like moving down my neck, nipping sharply at my nipple...

He grips my hips and dives down between my thighs sucking my clit hungrily. His right hand slides up my waist, over my ribs, and kneads my breast. He pinches my nipple hard and I squeak and squirm. His fingertips press against my mouth and I run my tongue along the soft pads of his fingers. I suckle at them, gently nibbling.

He uses his fingers, soaked in my own spit, to invade my cunt roughly again. He targets my g-spot and presses in firmly. I buck my hips, grinding my clit against his tongue. I weave my fingers through the thick curls of his hair, holding him in place. Flickering licks and deep penetration make me twist and moan under him.

My head is swimming as he slides off the bed and stands beside it. He pulls me to the edge of the mattress by my shoulders and straddles my upturned face. I am folded in half again. I think he wants me to take him into my mouth, but when my tongue makes contact with his cock, he stands upright and pushes my face away. Confused, I think I am too "low" to suck his cock, so I stretch up to nuzzle his balls. He straightens again, and this time delivers a corrective smack across my face, instantly subduing me.

My poor cunt is stretched open again. I don't know why 2 index fingers should make me feel more exposed, more used, than 2 fingers from a single hand, but when he splits me like this I feel completely at his mercy. He doesn't just hold me open, but alternates between the two fingers, sliding one then the other into me further. It hurts deliciously and is difficult to adjust to this unique intrusion. I squeeze his thighs and bury my face into the crook of his knee; ashamed of my wantonness.

He climbs back onto the bed, flipping me onto my hands and knees. My face is smashed into my pillows and my ass is raised high into the air. He enters me quickly and begins pounding me relentlessly. I yelp and pant and push back against him, bracing myself against the wall, the window ledge, the edge of the mattress. His hands run up the sides of my body, fingers spread wide to feel as much of me as possible. His arm snakes around my chest cupping my breast, the other keeping me firmly in place by my hip.

He's bottoming out inside of me. I can feel the tip of his cock battering against my cervix. I know I will feel this in the morning. It sends white hot daggers into my stomach and I arch my back like a cat in heat to get ever more of him into me.

I feel him curl in behind me, laying his forehead on the curve of my neck, sinking his teeth into my shoulder blade. He moans and kisses my just-bitten flesh, sliding his hands out from under me, placing them on my shoulders. He thrusts harder, slamming up into me at the same time he pulls me down onto his cock.

I was immobile. I became a hot wet sheath to encase him. For a time "ME" disappeared, and all that is left is my cunt, my desire, his need, his lust. He uses me on my back, my knees wide and my feet in the air. I recall flashes of a barely recognizable face in shadowed relief; of a familiar scent; of moans and grunts I know; of the taste of mingled sweat; of a heated intensity threatening to consume me.

I wanted to say his name so many times. I wanted to tell him how good he felt inside of me. I wanted to urge him on deeper and harder, but I was forbidden to use words. I did not hear him whisper my name, nor did I recieve instruction. A nudge, a shove, his crushing hold on me, was our language.

When he came he sent threads of semen shooting into my mouth, lacing my cheek, and into my hair. When we were cleaned up, he spoke the first words of our encounter.

"I am so very happy right now," he said as he sunk into my pillows, a satisfied smile on his face. I didn't know if I was allowed to speak yet, but my heart was overflowing hearing him so pleased.

"Did you like that?" he asked me. I was still unsure if I should speak, so I smiled broadly and nodded emphatically. The enormous smile he gave me crinkled his eyes, and he gave me sweet, unhurried kisses.

"I did good?" I asked, still unsure if I was allowed to speak.

"You're a good girl. A wonderful little girl," he said, with a few last, lingering kisses, "Now, I want you to go to sleep. And when you wake up, you'll think this was just a dream... until you feel the pain in your pussy."

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