Sunday, January 20, 2008


Daddy says i have been an exceptionally good girl recently. my Daddy isn't a terribly strict Dom, and the nature of the particular type of Dom He is allows for alot of indulgences towards His little girl. So, i'm not expected to endure the types of activities that , say, kaya does. Still, it can be difficult for me sometimes, so i'm very happy to report that Daddy is very pleased with me at the moment.

i visited Daddy this week. Daddy has been sick for weeks, now, and His recent trip did a bit of a number on Him. i developed a sore throat and cough over the last weekend, so W/we were kind of the walking dead the first part of the visit.

i was a bit worse off than Daddy the first half of the visit, and He was so super sweet to me. He made me tea, and gave me meds. When W/we went to bed at night, He said i should take some NyQuil. i told Him i couldn't take it myself because i'm too little to go into the medicine cabinet, so Daddy measured and administered my medicine.

Daddy has been allowing me to help Him with His work for the past month. It's the type of thing i can do on my computer at home. When i visit Him, W/we work together, side by side. Which i absolutely love. It makes me feel like such a little girl to sit next to Daddy, and do the little tedious tasks that are so helpful to Him, but that eat into the time He needs to spend doing higher priority tasks. i get paid for this work, but i can't help veiwing it as submissive service to Him. And Daddy says it's a really big help to Him, and that i've helped Him increase His revenue greatly.

There hasn't been much "play" exactly. Between illness, travel, and me being so good, there's been no punishment. But even without bondage or beatings, the D/lg interactions continue. i must admit, i do crave a little humiliation. But i don't feel the desire to complain, i am pretty happy with whatever Daddy and i do.

my visit with Daddy this week was the longest W/we've ever had. i usually stay for a maximum 2 nights, but this visit Daddy had me stay an extra night. i was so pleased, i couldn't believe He kept me that long. i asked Him why He had me stay another day, and He said "Because I wanted you to." If anyone else gave me a "Because I said so," type answer, i would needle and question until i got more of an explanation. But when Daddy says it i'm just so happy to hear the "I want you" part, that i just smile happily and feel good about being wanted.

When i was done my work for Daddy i curled up at His feet under His big desk. Daddy brought me some pillows to make a little nest, and even gave me the heating pad so i would be warm. i didn't mean to end up giving Daddy a blowjob, i only meant to touch His legs and thighs to feel close to Him. But then Daddy became hard while i caressed Him, and Daddy took out His cock. And i don't know how to give handjobs, so i kissed and licked Daddy until He came in my mouth. That made Daddy very happy. He's very complimentary of my blowjob skills, to a superlative degree. Daddy says i give the best He's ever had, and He's said that He's difficult to get off orally. It really helps my insecurities to hear that, and i often ask Him about it, and am always hungry for His compliments.

i finally gave Daddy the New Year's present i made for Him. It was an inspired gift, in that it came to me in a flash. i wrote an account of a taboo crush i had as a very young girl, and its eventual consummation when i became much older. Daddy knew about my side of the story, but the inspired part was getting the other half of the crush to write his side of the story. I bound it all together in a book, and handmade paintings and marbelized paper, and illuminated some of the pages, and just tried to make the whole thing look very professionally and artisticallly done. You should have seen the look on Daddy's face when He saw that there was a crushee version. He was very surprised, and i think pleased.

i gave Daddy another present that night, but that one's a bit objectionable, so, unfortunately, i can't tell You about it. Daddy really really liked that present...teeheehee

Daddy isn't very big on food shopping. He does it sporadically and He's not terribly thorough when He does. i ,on the other hand, loooove to go to grocery stores. i inspect vegtables, read labels, mull over choices, compare, evaluate...i can spend hours in the grocery store, easy. i went to culinary school, and i'm a complete foodie. i think i'm turning Daddy into a bit of a foodie, too. He's very into cheese at the moment. And i introduced Him to Anthony Bourdain, knowing Daddy would enjoy his writing and personality.

There's an upside and a downside to this, tho. The upside being that Daddy loves when i cook, and is always impressed with my meals, and is shocked by what i can come up with out of what He thinks of as a barren kitchen. Daddy thinks i should compete in the Pillsbury Bake-Off, and He's completely serious about it.>laughs< The downside is that Daddy's so happy with my cooking that W/we hardly ever go out to eat. Daddy says i screwed myself since there's no need to go to a resurant when the food i make is as good, if not better than, what W/we can get out. Damn.

Well, that's my update. Not too hot and sexy an entry, but at least you all know i'm still alive! ;)
Hopefully there will be some steamier posts in the very near future.

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