Thursday, January 3, 2008

Daddy's House (Pvt Blog)

Daddy's House >little dance< Daddy's House

i have a little over an hour before my day really kicks into high-getting-ready-for-my-visit-gear. All the stores i have to go to for my errands will be open at 9:00, that's when it's gonna start being crazy. Right now, i'm drinking my coffee, smoking my cigarettes, watching the news, and crystallizing plans for my day. i figured i would blog in case i didn't have time later.

i adore going to Daddy's house. And not just for the obvious reasons. Of course i want to be around Daddy. And, of course, i crave having Him do all the nasty, filthy things He does to me. But i love the actual house itself. The sperm donor used to have a Victorian town house when he first moved out of our family home. Daddy's is a little bit different in the room set-ups, but, essentially, they're the same.

Daddy has rooms dedicated to specific activities. Not that this means any of O/our play takes place exclusively in the room designed for it. Daddy will do to me what He wants, when He wants to. Knowing there is a room where there is a spanking bench, and being beaten somewhere else in the house, makes the bench room all the more significant.

i like Daddy's desk. It's a very imposing piece of furniture; heavy and taking up so much of the alcove it's placed in. He's almost completely obscured by His monitor when He sits behind it. i can picture Him behind it now. Editing His videos; splicing together some girl's orgasm or lollipop blowjob. Often i'll bring Him His lunch at His desk, and i'll "check back", like a good little waitress, to see if He is pleased. It feels a little bit selfish to gain so much pleasure and to take so much pride in creating something good to eat. But it is for Daddy, and i am grateful when i can please Him.

i really enjoy Daddy's porch. i can smoke there and watch the craziness occurring beyond the walls that insulate Daddy and me from the rest of the world. It's the "safest" outside place for me and Daddy. When W/we step off of that porch, W/we enter a world where He and i will be strange. Where explanations might have to be made. On the porch W/we can coolly observe, and occasionally pass humorous judgment, without having to be "of" the that world.

The little girl room is unfinished, but every time i look into it, or am ordered into it, i fill it with all the imaginary furnishings and decorative touches i craved as a little girl. In my mind i have painted it, hung curtains, filled it with toys, and even played children's games. It exists so vividly in my imagination that when W/we play in it, i am a little girl. His little girl.

The upstairs bathroom holds a special place in my heart, as silly as it may sound. The first day i met Daddy it's where i put my makeup on. The site of our first shoot. A place W/we take baths together. i love the tiny cupboard in the wall. i love the big tub that W/we can both fit into. It really is a very pretty room.

i hate the medical room. It looms over my head when i'm in the living room. It scratches at the door when i'm in the bedroom. It whispers down the hall when i'm in the bathroom. Waiting for the next opportunity to be used for my humiliation. To be witness to probings and examinations. Cold metal stirrups to keep me spread. Thin loose hospital gowns that leave me exposed in the back, billowing out with every movement of my body. Sharp implements. A "toy" chest filled and easily at hand. i hate the medical room.

my favorite place is Daddy's bed. It is such a "Daddy's bed". It's big. Squishy without being too soft. Clean, crisp, white sheets and pillowcases. Smooth and creamy. Plump pillows. And i get 2 all to myself. Sturdy posts that can withstand my squirming and thrashing when i'm bound to them. A heavy headboard i can brace myself against when Daddy pounds His little girl. Long enough to be stretched across without any limbs hanging over the side. Wide enough to crawl across in a futile attempt to "evade" punishment or pleasure. i love Daddy's bed.

There are other rooms i'm in alot, the galley style kitchen and the downstairs bathroom. The living room, where W/we eat most of O/our meals, and i watch Daddy edit His photos. And Daddy's office, where i curl up at His feet, trying to be absorbed in a book, but really praying He'll remember i'm down there and spare a little attention for the kitten that worships Him.

i'm going to Daddy's house tonight, and i cannot contain my excitement and joy!

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Pixiepie said...

what a vivid description of what sounds like a lovely and meaningful place. i hope you enjoy your visit and that you are a good girl for daddy. :)