Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Daddy's Girl Part 3

He answers her unspoken question by pointing to the crumpled panties on the floor and explains she must be punished for breaking daddy's rules. With his cock pressed against his stomach ,daddy sits on the edge of the bed. His little girl shrinks a bit away, but he pulls her across his lap adjusting her so his rock solid cock is pressed against the pliant flesh of her waist. So fresh and firm, he thinks, smooth young and so easily prodded to fulfill my wishes.

Daddy covers her ass with the palm of his hand, cupping it around the sleepy warmth of her thigh relishing the feel of her awakening body. He tells her what he does for her is for her own good, she must be obdeient, and if she's going to be a naughty willful little girl she'll be punished like the child she is. Daddy puncuates each of his words with a cracking spank. It doesn't take more than 3 rough slaps to turn her ass bright red.

Daddy continued to pepper her ass with stings until his darling girl was writhing in a desperate and unsuccessful attempt to to avoid the blows. He coos into her ear that her struggling would only make it worse. Daddy can see her warring with herself, trying to determine what it would take to make daddy happy, what could she do to make up for the pain her disobedience had caused her cherished daddy........

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