Sunday, January 6, 2008

Daddy's Girl Part 2

He runs his fingers along the slit laid bare before him.So sweet, she is, so vulnerable. No match for an adult male determined to have her in every way he can think of. She'll love it, he's not worried about that.

He slips his finger between her lips and she groggily starts to suckle it, not awake but not fully asleep. That's a good sign, he thinks. He starts to slide his finger in and out, watching her lips close around it. He won't be able to take this for long. He draws out his cock and at the sound of his zipper she wakes more fully. She's confused. She looks up at him, not recognizing him at first, then she looks down at his finger now stroking her her moist velvety tongue.

She's not truly shocked until she catches sight of what daddy has in his other hand. Her mouth drops open and she lifts her eyes up to me. Now she looks scared, the confusion giving way to a realization that what she's about to experience will be a turning point for her. What is daddy going to do?

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