Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Daddy's Girl Part 4

Poor pained little girl.....and daddy lifts her up to sit in his lap. He wipes the tears from her face. She's look so broken, redfaced, tearstained cheeks, trying to look into her daddy's eyes and predict what will come next. Daddy chuckles to himself quietly. Little does she know.....

He can feel the heat of her thoroughly abused ass through his pants, and his now dripping cock is wedged firmly against her thigh. He knows he'll get no resistance from her now. Even the threat of another spanking will be enough to quiet any protests he might encounter. His heart skips and he took a moment to relish the power and let it wash over him.


On a hunch daddy reaches between his little girls thighs ,and is not too terribly surprised to find a dampness there. He slides his hand up higher, feeling the girl stiffen but offer no plea to stop. Excellent, she's ready, dripping for it. The sweet flesh of his little girl was calling for his attention, even if she didn't know it. Her little bud was hard, throbbing as insistently as his own cock. He would give her the relief she unknowingly craved. She would be all his.

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