Saturday, January 5, 2008

Daddy's Girl Part 1

There she is, fast asleep. Her little rosebud mouth slightly opened, breathing rhythmically. Her sweet unlined face passive and unaware of her daddy's staring eyes. This is what he likes best; to creep up when she sleeping, unaware of his lust. She sleeps on her left side with her right leg pulled up almost to her chest hitching her nearly transparent white nightgown up to her hips. It gives him an undisturbed view of her slender peach shaped ass and open damp cunt.

He's told her wearing panties to bed is bad for her, and like the dutiful daughter she is, she's left them off. But wait, there they are on the floor. How many times have you told her not to leave her laundry laying around. She'll have to get a spanking for that. Just the thought of turning that little ass pink with hand prints makes his mouth water.

He walks over to the side of her bed and wipes away the hair from her face. She's so quiet and innocent like this. Disturbing that purity will be the greatest pleasure of his life. He's been priming her for weeks now, and doesn't know how he's held out for this long. Burying his cock into that soft wet flesh, making her cum for the first time, tearing away the veil of sexual ignorance and turning her into to his own personal cum whore will be easy with the proper training......


Anonymous said...

Hi there!

That was *hot*
Please say that there's more...? :)

Laani said...

This is the first story i ever wrote for Daddy. It was sent in a series of emails while He was away in Las Vegas.
i'm so glad you're enjoying it! :)