Thursday, November 15, 2007

Another Import from the Private Blog

A few things that make me wet...........

"Who's pussy is this?"
"Yours, Daddy."
"That's right. This belongs to Me. you belong to Me."

On my knees, Daddy above me, covering me in His piss. Marking His territory.

W(h)orshipping Daddy's cock with my mouth.
W(h)orshipping Daddy's ass with my tongue, lips, and fingers.

Daddy pressing His body to me, preventing me from squirming away. Being surrounded by Him. my eyes seeing nothing but Him. my nose filled with the scent of His body. His whispers in my ear.

Being tied to Daddy's bed. Restrained. At His mercy. To be played with or beaten. Either way.

Daddy's fingers sliding the hood of my clit back, exposing me to His fingers, His tongue, His eyes......

Being objectified. Reduced to a warm mannequin, to be arranged and used for Daddy's pleasure.

Limits. Limits to what i can do with other boys. The boundary between what is my decision to give, and what Daddy allows me to offer. That line turns me on.

Explicit instruction. Instructions as to what to wear (or not wear). Directives to perform for Him. Direction to prepare myself in specific ways.

"you're my pretty little girl."

"you're Daddy's good little whore." be added to in the future....

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A Nawty Mouz said...

Sweet Laani,


A warm and hearty SexBlog Welcome to you!

Is Daddy's girl a very naughty girl?

Inquiring minds want to know.


PS: Saw your comment on sub nouveau's blog