Sunday, November 25, 2007

Hurt So Good

Daddy bent me over the armrest of the couch. my skirt was bunched up around my waist and i still had my boots on. i was soaked already from His fingers tickling my clit.

Daddy didn't even take my fence net pantyhose off. He just poked his fingers thru the large diamond hole over my slit, spread me open, and pressed His cock into me. i pushed back into Him, my ass high in the air, my chin coming to rest on the armrest and my chest on the couch cushion.

My neck was up against the inside of the armrest constricting my windpipe. i could feel my face turning red, but i couldn't move. Daddy had His right hand gripping my shoulder and His left hand was clamped down on my hip. i could feel my throat tickling, and i tried to take gasping breathes when He pulled back before bearing back down into me.

His thrusting grew harder and faster. He released my shoulder and grabbed my ponytail forcing my head further back.

His cock had to be bottoming out. i swear i felt Him battering my cervix. He was so deep. It hurt. It hurt so good. A relentless, blunted, stabbing pain. It knocked everything else out of my head.

i love when Daddy does this. Uses me without concern for my comfort. i love withstanding harsh, rough fucking that leaves my cunt aching deep inside. i love to carry that throbbing ache around with me.

A reminder i was useful to Daddy. A reminder i was completely had.

An invisible mark of ownership that only i know.

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