Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Just a fantasy, but not for long.....

l is bound to the chair in the corner of the hotel room facing the bed. The coils of rope extend from her shoulders to waist, leaving only her breasts exposed, and around her wrists and calves rendering her immobile. Underneath the ballgag that stretches her mouth uncomfortably wide is tied a bandanna, further muffling her cries. she's not permitted to close her eyes or turn her head. she must bear frustratingly silent witness to everything that is taking place on the bed.

M has been fucking A for the past hour. l has seen Him suck at A's rose colored nipples and finger her clit until she came to a shuddering orgasm. A has slurped at M's cock, covering it with glistening spit, before He slid it into her shaved cunt. Now He's taking her from behind, roughly plowing into her while He grips her shoulders. They are both covered in sweat, and their faces are flushed.

M spreads A's ass and looks at her tiny pink asshole. He allows a ball of spit to land in her crack and smears it into her hole. He begins to finger A's asshole, slowly at first, then deeper and faster. A begins to cum loudly, clawing at the bedsheets. She pushes back against M, trying to get as much of Him as she can into her hungry cunt. She wriggles her ass, and M gives her a couple of swift spanks. A's eyes are shut tight as she comes to a bucking orgasm.

M slips out of A's dripping pussy and leaves her lying on the bed panting. He walks into the bathroom to remove the condom and clean up. l watches Him from the chair. she doesn't think He has cum, but when she turns her eyes to A still sprawled out on the bed, she knows that A definitely has.

A brushes her blonde hair from her face and looks up at l and giggles. She stands up and begins to dress, calling to M in the bathroom. M steps into the room again and smiles at A.

"Enjoy yourself, A?" He chuckles.

"O yes, we should definitely do it again sometime. It was nice to have an audience," she replied with a grin.

M gives A a hug and kisses her on the cheek.

"We'll see about that. Give me a call soon,ok?"

A grabs her purse and begins for the door, pauses at l's side for a moment, laughs, and then she's gone. M sits down on the bed in front of l and crosses His arms. He's still naked. l usually loves looking at His body, but she would give anything to be able to close her eyes right now. she keeps picturing His cock sliding into A's mouth, and how He had grabbed her head and forced His entire length down her throat.

"I'm going to take that ballgag out of your mouth now, but I'm leaving the bandanna in because you are still not allowed to speak. you are not permitted to speak for the rest of the night. you must listen to Me, and think about what I have to say. Do you understand?" l nods , yes. M reaches behind her head and unbuckles the ballgag. Even with the bandanna still in her mouth, it feels good to have the ball removed.

"I know you are upset," M says, sitting back down in front of l.

"You didn't like that very much, but you were very good, and didn't look away once. I'm proud of you. "

"You have to always remember that I'm the boss, and I can have whoever I want, whenever I want to. You must learn to control your jealousy. "

M pulls the chair l is in closer to Him, so that l's knees are touching His. He runs His hands across the rope, and asks " Not too tight?"

l shakes her head, no. she was glad she was tied to the chair tonight. There were many times she had wanted to get up and leave, and the ropes had prevented her from even being able to struggle.

"Okay." M looks into l's eyes and begins......

"This was difficult for you. I knew it would be. It bothers you that I'm around beautiful women constantly. I have naked women around Me all the time, and I enjoy looking at them. I love to make them cum, and I love to film it. I love the control I have over their bodies. I love to posses them for that time. "

"A is beautiful and very sexy. Even with the condom on I could feel how wet and hot her pussy was. She has perfect tits that bounced when i fucked her. It was a pleasure to watch. "

M leans in and His face is inches away from l's. she is trying to hold back tears as she listens to M's speech. she knows all of this. she could tell how much M enjoyed fucking A. her nose is burning and she can feel the tears gathering in her eyes. she doesn't want to cry. she tilts her head back a little to keep the tears from falling, but one escapes from the corner of her eye and slips down her cheek. M reaches out a finger to catch it, and rubs it across her lips.

"you think that you're not pretty enough for Me. That you don't measure up to the others. you don't see how insulting that is to Me. you wear My collar. you are Mine." M tugs at the collar at l's throat.

"you don't understand the difference between you and them. All you see is their beauty, because you only see the pictures. These girls are only beautiful. They cannot do what you do. They are handed everything because of the way they look. They would not put forth the effort to please that you do. They would not have your devotion. That is what I want."

"you're eagerness to please Me is arousing. When you do as I tell you, even when it shames you, it makes me feel powerful. you trust Me to only give you as much as you can handle, and to know just how far you can go. That is not a thing that is easily had. It is flattering to Me that you give it so completely. Do you think I can have that with anyone?"

l is listening to M speak, watching His mouth and eyes. she is trying to pay attention to what He is saying, but flashes of the scene she just sat thru keep popping into her mind. It hurts too much. she drops her head down.

M lifts her face back up by the chin establishing eye contact again, and continues, "you aren't listening to Me. you keep thinking about Me fucking A. Yes, I fucked A, and enjoyed it, too. But who is here now? Who do I have in My bed with Me? Who is My little girl?"

"you forget the importance of that. I don't like it. you should always remember that I keep you with Me because you please Me. you are only thinking of yourself when you feel jealous. you aren't seeing what I want. I want you."
M begins to untie the knot in the rope, but does not pause.

"I did this tonight because I want you to see that when I fuck another girl, it has nothing to do with you. I do not fuck them because of anything you did, or didn't do, or wouldn't do. I know there is nothing you would not do for Me. There is nothing I can ask for that you would not give Me. That is why you are special to Me."

The ropes are gone now, but l remains seated across from M. she is transfixed by the sound of His voice and what He is telling her. she is special to Him. The look of gratitude and joy on l's face makes M smile.

"you are such a silly little girl to not have known that. I should spank you for being so ignorant," M says, chuckling.

"I'm going to remove the bandanna now, but remember, you are still not permitted to speak. "

l grins. she has been foolish. M would not keep her if He did not really want her. she didn't realize that she would have to be special to be with M. her own insecurities had kept her from seeing what was in front of her. she must not let M down again. she feels so grateful and cherished.

M sits back down and says,"Ok, little girl, you can give me a hug and kiss now."
l throws her arms around M's neck and kisses Him. He lays her down on the bed and looks down at her.

"you mustn't forget what I've told you. you really must try to control your jealousy, it's very annoying. I do not like having to deal with it. you are My slave, My slut, My pet. you are My little girl. No one else. "

"Now, be a good girl and give Daddy a nice blowjob. A did not do as well a job as I've become accustomed to since I've taken on My little girl. I want My sweet little cocksucker to make Me hard again, because Daddy didn't cum and He wants to fuck His baby."