Sunday, November 18, 2007


Today is the first time i ever saw Daddy on webcam...

So, no big deal, right? Except it totally took my breathe away.


It effected me just as if He was here. The fact that it was jumpy and 2-D didn't change my physical response at all. my stomach went all melted butter and my pulse raced. i got nervous and breathy just like i do when i'm with Him. i even got a little twitchy and shakey, but that bit might have been the newness of the medium.

He looked gorgeous. Absolutely handsome. But then He always does. i shouldn't expect Him to appear otherwise. my fingers itched to touch Him. His mouth was delicious looking. i wanted to unbutton His shirt and kiss from His neck over His chest and down His stomach. i wanted His cock. i couldn't smell, touch, taste, or hear Daddy, but He might as well have been standing in front of me with His mouth to my ear for the way my body instantly reacted to Him.

i am so owned.

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