Monday, November 19, 2007

Very Old Private Blog Post

Some random thoughts about my recent visit.......

Daddy has been very sweet about my bad moods when they don't contribute to me being naughty. i appreciate His concern with things that upset me. As i've stated many times, i don't like to burden Him with displeasing moods. But i am emotional and i get overwhelmed sometimes. It is difficult for me to let hurt feelings go. Daddy has been very supportive of me when this happens, and i want Him to know i am thankful for it.

i had such a great time with Daddy this visit. Daddy gave me some unbelievably powerful orgasms Tuesday night. His cock is breathtaking. When Daddy presses into me, filling me all the way, i go out of myself. He pulls out a bit, and then plunges right back in, filling me to capacity all over again. He concentrates on the pressure and placment of His cock, and gadges my reactions. i love to look up at Him, knowing that it's my Daddy, and only my Daddy, that can make me feel like this. Daddy asked me what my orgasms are like once, and it's so hard to describe because i'm so not in my right mind when i experience them.

When Daddy is stuffing me full of His cock, it is more than my cunt being filled. It's as though my entire body has been entered and i become His creature completely. i can hear the blood rushing around in my head. i forget to breathe. my clit twitches, my cunt shudders. It can be so overwhelming that sometimes i feel like i will cry from pleasure. Daddy's cock can hurt me sometimes due to His size, but it is a most exquisite kind of pain. A pain i crave.

Daddy let me drink last night. i was beginning to become belligerent so Daddy scooped up my glass and emptied it over His shoulder in one fluid, decisive motion. He was becoming displeased with my behavior, and He took immediate action to correct it.

i want to be good, and i feel disappointed in myself when i need to be corrected. i am grateful Daddy is patient enough with me to train His little girl to be better. He knows i want to please Him, and that it will be necessary from time to time to react quickly to correct me before i go too far. i find this very erotic. i would much prefer to have Daddy head off my bad behavior until i am skilled enough to always be able to do what is expected of me, than to hang myself with the long, indulgent leash i am kept on.

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