Saturday, November 24, 2007

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It amuses Daddy that i get nervous around Him.

Daddy will stalk me. He turns the full power of His undivided attention on me, surrounding my body with His. i curl up small, shrinking into myself. i lower my eyes and tuck my chin into my chest. my heart beats faster and i shift around on my feet. i crave being next to my Daddy, but i find it overwhelming to have Him so focused on me.

It is His prerogative to steal away my personal space. It is only mine in the sense that it is the area around me, but it does not belong to me. It is never more apparent than when He traps me against a wall or some immovable object and leans into me. Daddy will purr into my ear what He wants to do to me, or He will tease me about the shyness and anxiety i'm feeling because of His proximity to me.

If ever i am unsure of my place, this serves to remind me of what i am. It makes me submit instantly.

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sub lyn said...

i always get nervous when my Master puts his full attention to me too. He's very formidable in those moments, my Master is...

Glad to see you started a public blog!