Wednesday, November 14, 2007

From the Private Blog

i gave Daddy His birthday present last night.......
Daddy wanted to watch me get hit on by a guy, so W/e went to a local bar to try it out. i was very nervous, because i didn't want to let Daddy down. i was worried that i may sit at the bar and not have anyone be interested in talking to me. i ususally don't have difficulty meeting guys at bars, but i could sit there for a long time before someone came up to me.

As it happened, i wasn't there for 5 minutes before i was approached by an older guy for a younger guy who was too nervous to come up to me. i didn't think it was exactly what Daddy and i were looking for. What W/e needed was someone who is aggressive, confident, and attractive, but it was slim pickings and i decided to go with it.Daddy walked by when i was still talking to the older guy. i tried not to look at Him, but He's my Daddy and His presence is very strong.

There weren't alot of people at the bar, and neither Daddy nor i had ever been in it before. W/e stood out, particularly Daddy. i think that maybe W/e were too close to each other, even tho W/e were on oppisite sides of the bar. i think W/e radiate our attraction to each other, and that other people feel it. The other people at the bar may not have realized that Daddy and i were there together, but they probably felt the shift of the room energy. Maybe i'm wrong, maybe it's just me who feels it.........

Either way, i tried to direct it into my conversation with L, the young guy. L was the subject of my undivided attention, at least that's how it looked to everyone but Daddy. Daddy knew that i was there for Him. That what i was doing was not for L or even for myself, but was because He wanted me to do this for His amusement.

The original objective was for me to make Daddy jealous, but i think what ended up happening was that Daddy was proud of me. He was proud of my performance, my skill at flirting. Daddy knows already how well i can make someone feel cared for and catered to, but seeing it directed towards someone else at His command probably made Daddy feel very Dominant.

Daddy very wickedly began to play significant songs on the jukebox. They put a smile on my face, and i kept saying how much i liked each song when it came on. i shouldn't have said anything, but i felt nervous being the center of Daddy's concentrated attention. i knew He was watching me, critiquing what i was doing. i didn't know while i was talking to L if i was doing a good job, or even if i was giving Daddy what He wanted to see.

This was our first attempt at something like this, but i suspect that Daddy will want to do it again. He seemed to enjoy it.

Daddy knew that no matter what L said or did, i would be going home with Him. i think Daddy felt complimented by L's attraction for me. Like i was a very pretty little exotic pet that belonged to Daddy, but that He takes out to be envied by others. i enjoy being an object belonging to Daddy. It fills me with joy to belong to Him, and to perform the directives He assigns me. Other people may not understand the pleasure i've found in being Daddy's precious piece of art, but i feel as admired and cherished as any priceless treasure. i only hope that i can continue to make Daddy happy and gratified by my implementation of His edicts.


Sub Nouveau said...

I commend you. I would have been nervous that I would have been turned down int hat situation.

Upton said...

I 'followed' you from "At Times Restless". Your task was difficult and, it seems, you pulled it off nicely. Well done.

Mr. Upton Ogood