Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Daddy says the next time i visit W/we will either have "Art Day" or "Prison Day".

i must admit i cannot decide which "day" i want to have.

Prison Day would consist of me being leashed to the bed, either chained or bound by rope. Personally, i prefer a chain. i think the rattling of the chain anytime i moved would be a very charming sound. And the idea that i would be completely dependent on Daddy to let me pee, drink water, sleep, orgasm, etc. is very erotic. He might beat me or tug me down to His desk to sit by His feet while He worked. Daddy would fuck me or ignore me as He pleased. Maybe He would mummify me, something He's expressed interest in before...

Art Day is just as fulfilling, if in a different way. i imagine others wouldn't find it classically D/s, tho i can't help but picture it in that context. Daddy is a much better artist than i am. Daddy has seen some of my drawings before, but my drawings are not as good as His. i have no idea what His impressions of my stuff are. i think He's much too concerned with hurting my feelings to give me an unbiased critique.

Regardless of which straw i end up choosing, i will have a wonderful time. i know that when i am with Daddy i will have fun no matter what W/we end up doing.

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