Saturday, December 22, 2007

Your Wish is my Command...

Holy crap! i have a fan!

i have never been very impressed by my own writing. In fact i think it's rather pedestrian. i have friends who write much better. i prefer to read or draw, rather than write. But Daddy has always encouraged me to write, and He's enthusiastically spurred me on to write more. And, now, a request! Someone wants to see more? Well, okay... Here goes...and remember, it's ageplay, people...

laani's sitting in the first seat in a row of uncomfortable wooden chairs outside of Father Michael's office. She's in trouble, but she's not too worried. Father's known for being really lenient when any of the girls are sent to his office for disciplinary action. All the girls think Father Michael is cute, his nickname is Father What-a-waste. The worst punishment he gives out is detention, and you have to get caught smoking or doing something really bad to get that.

The door to the office opens and Sister Antonia Marie steps into the hall and waves at laani to walk in. laani enters and closes the door. Father Michael's office is lined from floor to ceiling with books and he's sitting at a large, heavy desk made of dark wood. There are 2 high backed velvet chairs placed in front of his desk, and laani plops down into one. Father Michael looks at her over steepled hands, his index fingers resting on his lips.

"laani, Sister tells me you refuse to take a shower after gym class with all the other girls. That's not very hygienic, laani. Why is it you're not complying with the rules?" he questions.

"Uh, it's personal, Father," she answers, twisting uncomfortably in the chair.

"You're a young woman now, aren't you?"

"Yes, Father."

"You're growing up."

"Yes, Father," laani replies, feeling more and more anxious.

"And you're embarrassed."

"Yes, Father, I am. I have so much hair down there now," she blurts out, "I don't want the other girls to see. It's so embarrassing!"

"I'm sure you're over-reacting."

"No, Father, it's so gross. Please don't make me shower with the other girls," laani pleads.


"Please, Father," she begs, biting her lip.

"Come around to this side of my desk, honey," Father Michael says benignly.

laani walks around the desk and stands in front of Father Michael. Her hands are clasped behind her back. She stares at her feet confident Father is going to give her a quick lecture about the importance of following the rules and respecting authority, then letting her go with a warning.

"Show me your pussy hair."

laani's head snaps up. She can't believe she just heard a priest say "pussy", and she can not believe Father Michael just told her to show him hers.

"What?!" she asks, dumbfounded.

"Show me your pussy hair," he repeats, slowly enunciating every word, "Up here, on the desk."

laani doesn't want to disobey Father, but she's never let anyone see her "down there" before.

"Now," he says, patting a clear space on his desk.

She sits on the desk and wriggles her panties down to the tops of her knee socks. She keeps her thighs pressed tightly together.

"Lift up your dress so I can see."

laani obeys, turning bright red. Father Michael hooks his finger into her panties and tugs them over her ankles and drops them on the floor at his feet. He places a hand on each knee and parts laani's legs, exposing her pussy to his inspection.

"Yes," Father Michael agrees," you are very hairy down here."

laani's embarrassment overwhelms her and she tries to bring her legs back together, but Father pushes them back open wider this time.

"Don't do that again."

laani focuses on the white cotton of her panties on the floor, avoiding watching Father opening her lips to view the insides of her cunt. He strokes her inner lips with his fingers, spreading her. He tugs at her hair, smooths it down again, and gives her clit a little tweak.

"Okay, laani," he announces, popping his head up," I want you to get down, turn around, bend over and place your elbows on the desk. I'm going to spank you. You really can't be disrespectful to the Sisters."

laani presents her bottom to Father, and he raises her dress up out of the way. The first spank isn't that bad, barely stings at all in fact. That doesn't last tho. Father builds up to harder and harder blows. The cracks on her ass become louder and begin to sting. Her ass feels like it's burning, her cheeks turn brilliant red. The last spank is a wet smack right under her ass.

Father Michael pulls his hand away and looks down at his fingers. They are slippery with laani's juices.

"Well, laani," he chuckled, "it looks as though you enjoyed that as much as I did."

She hears a soft rumpling, and then Father is pressing himself to her back. She can feel flesh poking at her crack, and she tries to stand up. He shushes her, and eases her back down, pinning her chest to the desk.

He wedges the head of his cock between her pussy lips, and forces himself up into her. She's so tight he must be careful and ease her open slowly. When she lets out a little gasping squeak, he covers her mouth with his hand.

He grinds against her ass, bracing her hips against the desk. He moves in and out slowly, enjoying the way her cunt grabs at his cock when he pulls back. She starts to push back against him. She moans low in her throat. Father Michael looks down and watches his drenched cock sliding into her split red pussy. He reaches around and slips his hand into her blouse and under her bra. laani's breasts are small, fitting in the palm of his hand. He can feel her heart pounding in her chest. laani begins to moan louder, so Father Michael releases her hip and covers her mouth again with his other hand.

Father drives into her harder. He wants to fill her all the way. She's holding onto the edge of the desk, bouncing to meet his cock when he thrusts forward. She wants all of him ramming her. He lifts her right leg up and places it on the desk, not letting up on his rhythm. He sinks into her a little further, and she groans when he reaches the deepest part of her.

He releases her breast and reaches around to give her throbbing clit some attention. She bucks when he makes contact. She wasn't expecting the electric shock of a firm finger on her lubricated little bud. It pulses at his touch as he rolls over it like a marble.

Father Michael's cock is ready to burst as her wet pussy walls squeeze in on him. He's covered in her wetness. He can smell the scent of her desire, the first blush of carnal pleasure. He drops his head down and sees laani's ass cheeks are still rosy from the spanking. He's going to cum. Now.

laani's pussy is emptied abruptly, and there's the sensation of steaming wet flesh crushed against the base of her spine between her abused cheeks. Then a grunting thrust and her ass is splashed with Father's cum, and he collapses on her back. She can feel the jizz running down the backs of her thighs when he says...

"Don't tell anyone. This is our secret."

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Grey Goose said...

It seems to me that if priests had confined themselves to fucking young girls instead of buggering young boys they would have gotten in a lot less trouble. After all, that's what young girls are for.