Thursday, December 6, 2007

Submissive Dream

i've heard it said that people only want to hear about your dreams if they make an appearance in them. Normally i don't bore others with detailed descriptions of my dreams, but i'm going out on a limb here due to the significance i believe it has.

Last night i had my first submissive dream. It was also my first Dominant dream.

i dreamt one of my sisters and i were kidnapped by this group of 5 people. 2 women and 3 guys. None of them were sexy or attractive. They were kind of trashy looking, not in the good way, more like skanky and cheap. It was not arousing at all. i was very frightened, for myself and my sister. i was probably more worried about my sis than i was myself.

At first it wasn't clear why they wanted us. my sister and i told them we didn't have any money for a ransom. But they didn't want that. The leader of the group said they wanted to have us as, well for lack of a better term, sex slaves. Up until this point i had been pretty much paralyzed with fear. The leader had kind of indicated that we'd be let go at some point, but i didn't really believe him.

When he said he wanted to keep us, in essence owning me, i grew some balls. i went right up to him and told him in no uncertain terms that "You can't keep me! You can't own me, i'm already owned! Look at my collar! i already have a Master!" i really went off on this guy. i was all in his face. i really shook him up with the out of nowhere forcefulness of my argument. i was not backing down.

Until i remembered my sister. i had to try to protect her, too. i wasn't going to let the fact that i was owned and wasn't going to submit to this guy to hurt her. But what they wanted sort of changed then. After my outburst they decided they wanted me to Dom them all.

So i did. Everyone watched while each of the gang was Dommed by me. i don't remember what i did with all of them, but i did spank and paddle the girls with a small wood paddle. They all ooohed and aaaahed over my technique.

i remember one of the guys being a sissy adult baby. i dislike dealing with ABs, i wouldn't have anything to with them at the dungeon i worked in. To each his own kink, but, personally, i can't stand them.

Anyway, i spanked the AB (grimacing the whole time), and called him a "little sissy slut" and a "pretty tiny baby" (gag!), and then i fucked his face with a clear, green, silicone dildo. Then he pissed all over himself, his chest and face. Then he came. Ick.

i rarely have "sex dreams", and this dream wasn't arousing at all. i only did what i had to do to protect Daddy's property and my sister's life. But i think it's important because it shows how deeply i'm beginning to feel owned. i'm even dreaming of it.

Daddy is away again right now. He instructed me to wear my collar whenever i wasn't bathing, sleeping, or at work. When i go to bed, i've been taking my collar off, but not putting it aside right away. i'll just look at it, and run my fingers over it. Watching the rhinestones sparkling in the moonlight.

Wishing Daddy was here to put it on and take it off of me.

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