Monday, December 24, 2007

Material Girl

Someone recently called me materialistic. This person expressed surprise at my seeming materialism, and that he'd never thought i was like that. This person thinks that the reason i'm with Daddy is because Daddy "takes you places and gives you things".And he's right, really. That is why i like Daddy, it's just not in the way my friend meant it.

Daddy has taken me on a trip to Montreal, and He has plans to bring me along on more trips since He frequently travels. And when He travels, He nearly always brings me back something from His trips. He recently gave me a very extravagant gift for absolutely no reason at all. He even specifically indicated that it was "not your Xmas present".

i love the presents Daddy gives me. Each one is a reminder that i am thought of while He is away. And from the beginning He has known the type of little trinkets i would like. But none of the things He gives me mean as much as the time He spends with me. His time is more rare and precious to Him than any object He can purchase.

Daddy knows i am not materialistic. He knows i appreciate the presents, but do not need them. He's around materialistic people during His work, and He hates the kind of vapid talk that passes for conversation in those circles. He has told me that He likes how i take Him "out of all this".

What Daddy gives me cannot be bought in a store. Where Daddy takes me is into and out of myself.


Grey Goose said...

It's not about the trinkets. Daddies like giving little girls ornaments, but daddies and their little girls understand that devotion isn't bought with baubles, it comes from love and understanding, from the thrill of knowing that one is a prized possession, someone to be treasured. Daddies know.

Laani said...

Thank you so much for your comments. i enjoyed them and your insight.