Saturday, December 22, 2007

Naughty Story from the Pvt Blog

No one else is home and i'm upstairs in my older sister P's room. Since she's gone off to college i've started to sneak in to put on her make-up, listen to her stereo, and try on her clothes. She hates it, but i get to pretend i'm older and play dress up. i've got on this cool top with a Japanese print that slips off one of my shoulders and a white tube skirt. i've just finished putting on some black eyeliner and am about to start with the lip gloss, when i hear someone knocking on the front door.

It's M. He's P's friend, but He's older than her. S, L and i tease P that He likes her, but she says they're just friends. Sometimes He comes over to hang out with us. He's been coming over alot more lately. He's nice to me. He talks to me like i'm a grown up. Last time He came over i showed Him my sketchbook. He says i'm good. He says He'll show me how to get better. i like Him alot.

He raises His eyebrow at my outfit, and i tug the skirt down a little lower to cover my legs a bit more. He asks me if P knows i wear her clothes when she's away. i roll my eyes and say no, and ask Him not to tell her. He says He won't and i tell Him P didn't come home from school this week. M says He was thinking me and the girls might want to go to the mall. i tell Him i'm the only one home, but i have to babysit S and L when they get home. i say that He can come in and hang out, tho.

M smiles and steps into the living room. i lay back on the couch and M sits next to me. He says my skirt is really short and i go to pull it down again, but M stops me. He says He likes it, that it looks sexy on me. That makes me blush, but i'm pleased too. He looks down at my feet and asks to see my toenail polish. It's P's and all glittery. I lift my foot up and swing my other leg onto the couch. M catches both my feet in His hands and starts tickling them. i start giggling and squirming and M is laughing at me struggling to get away. He has my ankle tightly in His hand, and my other tucked under His butt, so i can't get away. i can barely breathe and i'm trying to push His hands away, and as i twist around on the couch my skirt creeps up even more.

i try to shake Him off my ankle and pull my skirt down at the same time, but M tucks my other ankle under His leg and grasps my wrists. Now my legs are spread and my skirt is bunched up around my hips. M is looking down between my thighs. i'm embarrassed, scared, and thrilled all at once. He smiles at me and places my hand on His bulge. It's hard. M presses my hand down firmly and slides it up and down over His cock. He lets go of my other hand and i try to cover myself. M opens His belt and unzips His pants and slips my hand into His underwear. i have never felt a cock before, it seems so big. i want to see it, but i'm too scared to ask.

M keeps His hand over mine in His pants and leans over bringing His mouth close to my ear. i can feel His breathe on my neck. It's warm and sends shivers thru my body. i close my eyes when M brushes His lips on my earlobe. He gives a little nip at my ear and begins to kiss my neck. It makes goosebumps rise up on my arms. M murmurs that i'm pretty, prettier than my sisters. That He comes over to see me. That He's been thinking of kissing me. That He wants to show me things, how to kiss and to suck cock, and how to make myself cum. He whispers that He wants to make me feel good.

He squeezes my fingers around His cock. It feels like silk wrapped around stone. The tip is wet, and M groans when i begin to stroke His cock on my own. He grips my breast. He pinches and plucks my nipple, squeezing and rubbing my breast, then moves down my stomach and cups my pussy.

This brings me back to what is actually happening and i get scared again. i try to bring my legs together, but M puts His hands on the insides of my thighs to keep them open. i put both of my hands on His shoulders attempting to push Him away moaning no, but M comes closer and kisses me on my mouth. He pokes His tongue out and licks my lips. i part my lips and peek my tongue out also, and we lick each others lips letting our tongues slide over each other.

M's fingers dip into my panties and i groan against His mouth, but He doesn't pull away. He rubs my clit and i feel electricity shoot down my legs to the soles of my feet. M whispers that He can make me feel more than this. That He can do things to me that i will really enjoy. That He wants to teach me how to fuck. That He'll go slow, and it won't hurt, that i'll like it. That i'll love it.

He's sliding my panties off of me, still telling me how pretty i am, how much He likes me, how He wants to be inside of me. M's fingers are entering me. He's telling me i feel so wet, i'm so ready, my pussy wants Him. i start to grind my pussy against His hand and then it's gone, replaced by the head of His cock.
M holds my hips in place, and i close my eyes. He begins to fill me. He pushes in a bit, then pulls out. He tells me how good i feel, and pushes into me a little further, then pulls out again, then in until He's sunk all the way inside me. i feel full, and i don't know how to move when M starts to rock my hips against His. He was right, it doesn't hurt. It's fucking amazing.

M begins to thrust quicker and i squeeze the walls of my pussy around His cock. He groans and i wrap my legs around Him. He pulls me down onto His cock while He pounds up into me. i can hear the blood rushing around in my head and my heart pounding in my chest. i'm forgetting to breathe. i can feel my clit swelling and it scrapes against His abdomen. i grind myself against Him aching for more sensation, more cock. i want Him sealed inside of me, buried as far as He can. i can feel Him at the back of my cunt, slamming me, stuffing me, and i'm loving the pain. i dig my fingers into His ass cheeks.

i can feel His cock getting thicker and He's getting louder. i want His mouth to mine again so i lift my head to kiss Him, but i can't press my lips together. i end up just grunting into His mouth, but He doesn't seem to mind. He's looking down at me, His brows knit together. He grits His teeth and a burning tears thru me. my cunt convulses, and He thrusts all the way into me. i can feel His cock jerking and M falls onto my chest, His head on my shoulder.

W/we're both panting, covered in sweat. my pussy feels a little sore. i'm filled with His cum. i will definitely be doing this again.


littlegirl said...


that was a hot little story. i loved it ;) more, please?

Grey Goose said...

"It feels like silk wrapped around stone." I like this very much. It really communicates what a hard cock feels like in the hand. What it feels like from the other side, when it's your hard cock and it's being handled by a lovely young woman is, alas, a pleasure you will never know.