Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Nurse laani, at Your service

i'm visiting Daddy right now. i usually don't post during a visit, but Daddy isn't feeling well, so i thought in between nursing duties, i'd make a quick post.

This is the first time Daddy has allowed me to visit while He's been unwell. Before when W/we've had plans, and He's fallen ill, He's cancelled or postponed the visit. This time my job is to "make Me feel better". i'm sure He'd be able to take care of Himself just fine if i wasn't here, but it's nice to be "needed".

i'm reminded of the time Daddy took care of me when i got sick while visiting Him. i had woken up that day feeling a little out of sorts, but not too bad. But by the time i was on the train to Daddy's, i could feel myself getting more and more ill.

At first i thought it was nervousness or anxiety about the punishment i was to receive on my arrival. However, the chills and sweats were so bad by the time i got to Daddy's, He was rethinking even punishing me. He gave me a hug and noticed i was burning up, even tho i was whining about how cold i was. When He took my temperature, the one time the medical room was actually a help to me and not a total freak-out scare-fest, i registered 103 degrees.

i remember how uncomfortable and awkward Daddy seemed nursing me. He seemed so out of His element that i nearly laughed when he brought me soup or tea. i felt so sorry for Him.

He gave me the option to postpone my punishment. i didn't want that tho. i had to have that release in order to move on. i didn't want Daddy to think i was trying to get out of it, even if there was no doubt that i wasn't faking it. As i'm sure any sub will say, if an infraction is committed the kindest thing a Dom can do is to punish you swiftly so the sub can move on.

It was a pretty sever punishment, too. Or maybe it felt that way because i was ill. Either way it was done and over, and the rest of the night was wonderful. W/we watched a movie (The Lover), and i made homemade movie treats, and Daddy held me all night. And He let me sleep all day the next day.

Well, now it's my job to return the favor.

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