Saturday, December 1, 2007

To Shave or Not to Shave

It seems that a few Doms in the blogosphere have been issuing directives to their subs to grow their pubic hair in. i'm not sure why, but it pleases me very much to see this happening.

When Daddy and i met i was very hairy. He was going to use me for a shaving shoot, and had instructed me to keep it that way. (hmmmmm..... His first act of domination and my first submission......) W/we never got around to the pussy shaving shoot, but there were pictures taken of it. Eventually i naired it all off.

i don't shave because i hate razor bumps, so i've never really been one for the completely bald look. It bothered me when everytime you saw a naked girl she was completely hairless. i saw it as the "pornification" of the world. Just another way that men were exerting their general dominance of women. And not in the mutually agreed upon fun BDSM way. i would bristle when clients would say i should be hairless.

For a while Daddy let me do pretty much whatever i wanted down there. i thought the proper thing for a submissive to do would be to be bald, so i kept it smooth. But then He decided He wanted to have me hairy. i couldn't get a clear reason as to why He wanted me hairy again, but i don't need a reason for His instructions, do i? i'm just to do them. :)

i was told to not do any hair removal at all. Not to keep edges sharp, no clipping, no nairing the underneath. Nothing but cleaning.

i got teased at work about my hairiness. i had to adjust clothing choices to conceal it, but i was walking around in lingerie and getting naked in the changing area with the other girls, so it was noticed. i didn't mind, tho. i loved having a new directive from Daddy.

When i became sufficiently hairy Daddy took pictures again. Then He clipped my hairs short, and applied the nair to me. i blushed the whole time.

That was about 2 months ago. Last week Daddy told me to stop nairing again. So, along with all the other subbies out there with burgeoning bush, my patch is coming back.

i wonder if Daddy will want another shoot. And what type of scenario i'll squirm and blush my way through for Him this time.



Laani's Daddy said...

I love your hairy cunt laani, and I love how shy you are when I instruct you to display your pussy for me. To see you strain to spread your legs and watch your face turn red as you blush are very arousing to Me.
And when the time comes to trim, I'll be the one between your thighs, scissors in hand, as I groom My pussy.

Sub Nouveau said...

Just my two cents, I think because shaved cunts have become so common, they are no longer naughty or erotic. My Dom at this point has no preference, probably because I have gone from a landign strip to full blown to shaved, to furry again. I had a Dom friend of mine tell me awhile ago that he was sick of shaved pussies & that every stinky sub had one, perhaps the boys are all jaded!

Laani said...

i have to agree, sub.
it has become so passe to see a shaved pussy, it just doesn't have the impact it once did.
i have always preferred 70's porn to the stuff produced now.
How can you deny the humor of a "Debbie Does Dallas" or the psychological and religous overtones of "The Devil in Miss Jones" to the bloated tits and bleached out paperdolls we're supposed to be jerking off to now?
i like bush. i like real boobs. i like how the actors look like they'd be fucking each other anyway, someone just happens to be filming it.
Ah, the days when penicillen took care of everything.
Thank you, as always, for your comments.