Thursday, December 13, 2007

Limits? W/we don't need no stinking limits...

i have always been open about my sexual experiences. All my friends could probably give you a pretty accurate description of not only what i like in bed, but also what i'm like in bed. i have no problem talking about my experiences to anyone interested in listening.

During the course of a conversation with one of my co-workers i was asked about bestiality. She wanted to know if people really participated in that activity. i told her about the movie ZOO. And that , yes, people do indeed do this. She then asked me if i would do that if Daddy asked me to.

Hmmmmmm......quandary. Instantly, what pops into my mind is the hard/soft/no limits debate.

i prefer to set no limits with Daddy. i, personally, don't think i should set the limits of O/our interactions. The responsibility of the Dominant is, first and foremost, to be able to read, discern, and interpret their submissive. Not that They're expected to be "mind readers", just that They should learn Their submissives' responses, needs, desires, and capabilities. Daddy knows what i need and what i want....frankly, better than i do.

Daddy and i do have a "safe word". It was established on O/our first day together, but not for the purpose of D/s. W/we shot a vid, and it was Daddy's idea, i believe, to have a word i could call out to end the scene. i used it during the course of the shoot, not because i wanted Him to stop what He was doing, but because i got nervous and was unsure of what was expected of me.

i don't think i have ever used a safe word when Daddy and i have played. i can't say with complete certainty because i'm so cloudy when we play, but i don't recall having used it. If Daddy wanted me to do something while He had me in that space, i would do it. i do things with and for Him that i would never be able to do when not in His presence. i wouldn't be able to do them for anyone else.

Daddy has acknowledged the influence a Dom has over a sub when They have taken a slave/pet/subbie in that space. He recognizes that His power over me at that point is absolute, and He respects that power. He knows i would do anything to please Him, regardless of the shame and embarrassment it would cause me.

So, would i fuck an animal for Daddy? He's teased me about it before. He said maybe He'd get a Great Dane to fuck me. Yes, i got nervous. Yes, Daddy said He was just kidding. But, would i do it for Him? Would i allow a dog to lick my cunt while Daddy watched? Would i put my mouth on an animal's cock for Daddy's amusement? Would i get on all fours and bear the weight of a Great Dane on my back, with its paws scratching at my elbows as it gripped me until it finally twisted around and pumped me full of it's cum? Could i stay in that position with the knot at the base of that dog's cock sealing me shut, ass to tail, performing for Daddy?

You'd have to ask Him.

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